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A Lesson In Self-Love (!!This Comic-Strip Might Make You Cry!!)


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Lover of Life, Love & Sensuality. Optimist. Believer. Natural Beauty Advocate. Minimalist. Living life outside the box; where the magic happens.

I did not know that a comic strip could make me cry. This comic teaches an invaluable beautiful lesson in self-love. It is about facing our fears and appreciating life as it is. It is about learning to not put our own fears upon others. It is about awareness. It is about inner growth.

I know this all is easier said then done, but even by reading this post you already took the next step towards more love for yourself. We all need more of it, because life out there can be harsh especially if one does not fit in the box labelled as “normal”. Judgements, painful words, lack of compassion towards ourselves and from others lead to low self-esteem, fear, pain and off-take.

Pain, obstacles & challenges can be the most powerful door-openers, life-changers & empowerment tools if we allow the cracks to be seen so that light can enter through them.


Dog Comic Self Love

Now let some light enter through your “cracks”: Which fears do you have?

Much love, Adina

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Asia Lucas
Asia Lucas
9 years ago

This did make me tear up.
I fear…. not being liked…. or accepted…..being different…..life, both for life not starting for me as well as what would happen if it does….. i’m afraid that everyone who i come into contact with could see what I’ve been through & laugh & talk about it….. ugh, if i keep going i think i’ll end up sobbing. That’s pretty much it.

9 years ago

Very lovely, and a message i needed. Thanks, Adina 🙂

Mr. Will
Mr. Will
9 years ago

Great post, and that comic is wonderful!!


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