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Relationship Archive

Sexy Consciously Awake Women: Who We Are, What We Want & Need From Men

Consciously Awake Women choose growth and evolution of self. We’re beautiful but not flawless. We’re aware but not egotistical. We slip from time to time. We own what’s ours. We let you own what’s yours. We’re healthy and sane. We get crazy and party. We work through our shadows. ...Read More

Why Another Lover Isn’t Always The Solution To Your Problem Or Why The Grass Is Hardly Greener On The Other Side

The comic strip you are about to see gave me goose bumps. The story of this eye-opening comic happens everyday the same way all over the globe. If you have gone through the same, rest assured you are not alone. It’s a vicious circle until we are able to step up our ...Read More

These Are The 10 Most Mind Altering Sex- & Relationship Practices I Have Ever Seen

Warning: Some of these sex and relationship practices you might be better off not trying! I have often felt the heavy pressure of having to submit to social norms about the way I should look and act. There are so many restricting labels on what it is to be a woman or ...Read More

Learn About ‘Trust’ From These Two Acrobats (For All Those Who Have Been Heart-Broken)

Have you ever thought about what trust means to you in a relationship? Does it has to be earned or does it has to be given? Does it mean that your relationship is build on trust towards the other or towards yourself? Learn About Trust From These Two “Cirque Du Soleil”- Acrobats ...Read More

The 13 Most Exquisite Pictures Of Gorgeous Gay Couples All Over The Planet

I myself have fallen in love with women in my life (yes, I am a woman). Many of my friends are in relationships with someone of the same sex; And I know that some of them are still having a hard time finding acceptance amongst their friends and/or family. Same-Sex Love has ...Read More

Did This Dude Just Really Say That The Female Orgasm Should Be Avoided At All Costs & Is The Source Of All Evil?

Sorry, but as a Christian I feel strongly that the so-called female orgasm should be avoided at all costs! The fact that good women don't experience orgasms is proof enough of God's love - only vile whores seized by demons can possibly welcome such unbridled madness. ...Read More

A Lesson In Self-Love (!!This Comic-Strip Might Make You Cry!!)

I did not know that a comic strip could make me cry. This comic teaches an invaluable beautiful lesson in self-love. It is about facing our fears and appreciating life as it is. It is about learning to not put our own fears upon others. It is about awareness. It is about ...Read More

What This Guy Did For His Sick Wife Brought Tears To My Eyes (So much love in here)

Meet Bob & Linda Carey. After Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer, Bob began taking beautiful but totally ridiculous photographs of himself in a pink tutu. www.thetutuproject.com To me Bob is more of a man than any epic macho athletic manly man we seem to idolize today. His natural instinct and love ...Read More

Try Not To Share This … Try hard!

Have you ever felt heart broken? Did you locked away your heart just so it would not get hurt anymore? Check out this amazing artwork to get an idea how to heal and mend a wounded heart. This is not just true for romantic relationships but actually any kind of relationship. The ...Read More

Jealousy in an Open Relationship – He Slept with Someone

As you probably already know Oliver and I are going through some growth in our relationship. I came across this awesome article that talks about jealousy and most importantly the insecurities behind it. I myself have been dealing with similar insecurities throughout my life and I am sure many of you can ...Read More

Why I Believe in Polyamory, But Still Feel its Problematic

I love the idea of Polyamory. (Polyamory means honest non-monogamy… and no don’t confuse it with polygamy, which is a patriarchal construct where only men can have more than one sexual partner) #1 Reason Pro Polyamory I love it because I just like rebelling against society’s norms 😉 #2 Reason Pro Polyamory ...Read More

Indescribably Touching: 96-Year-Old Man Writes A Song After His Wife Passes Away After 75 Years Of Marriage

Adina and I just came across this video which touched us deeply. We had to share it with you since we feel it helps push aside all the stuff we carry around with us on a daily basis that keeps us from seeing the things that really count. All too often we ...Read More

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