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Why Another Lover Isn’t Always The Solution To Your Problem Or Why The Grass Is Hardly Greener On The Other Side

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The comic strip you are about to see gave me goose bumps. The story of this eye-opening comic happens everyday the same way all over the globe. If you have gone through the same, rest assured you are not alone. It’s a vicious circle until we are able to step up our game and reach another level.

In the work I am doing I get the chance to talk to men and women about their most intimate thoughts, hopes & fears. In relation to this comic I want to mention an interesting conversation I recently had with a friend of mine.

He is in his 50ies and had been married 3 times. He told me that he was tired of the same thing happen over and over again in his life. He wanted a partner. A life partner. Not only had he not found such a partner, but also did he go through the same type of events 3 times in his life. The only thing being different was the partner.

Running Away Is Hardly Ever A Solution To A Problem

I have been with my partner for over 10 years now. I was 21 when I got to know him. He was 22. We went through it all: cheating, lying, leaving, coming back, crying, fear, pain, doubting our love for the other, falling in love again – you name it. The older we grew and the more challenges we overcame the better we understood that running away was never a solution to a problem as long as the partner would grow and evolve with the other. (Note: This is crucial to a healthy, open & loving relationship)

During tough times or those where we do not always see the light at the end of the tunnel it seems easy to run away and look for happiness somewhere else. But really you are only running away from yourself and your potential of becoming more of what you already are.

And “life” is ungracious: It will repeat the same lessons for you over and over and over again until you finally got it.

Here Is The Comic That Says It All

Love Choices

This wonderful comic is made by Norwegian cartoonist Lise Myhre.

Please feel free to share it as an eye-opener to friends & family.

Much love, Adina

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