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Did This Dude Just Really Say That The Female Orgasm Should Be Avoided At All Costs & Is The Source Of All Evil?


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Isn’t it interesting to see how well mind manipulation works? I believe this viral twitter post (see below) is the perfect example to see how we all create our own realities. But in our realm – in our reality – we usually believe that all we think and do is right.

  • For some being naked is totally natural, for others it is not.
  • For some hugging a tree is stupid, for others it is connecting with mother earth and the source.
  • For some being in a relationship with many people is the most natural thing on the planet, for others it would be a reason to kill.

Here Is What Jason Exactly Wrote In Twitter


Sorry, but as a Christian I feel strongly that the so-called female orgasm should be avoided at all costs!

The fact that good women don’t experience orgasms is proof enough of God’s love – only vile whores seized by demons can possibly welcome such unbridled madness.

REMEMBER: Sex has but one purpose – procreation within marriage. A woman’s job is to quietly receive her husband’s seed & provide nurture for his offspring. Stimulation & enjoyment is NOT part of God’s plan!

There is no judgement towards this man from my side, there is only the acknowledgement of the fact that we create our own reality. We are like the author of a book -the book of our own life. Some write a Love Story, some Science Fictions Stories and others Horror Stories.

What’s your thoughts on this one?

Much love, Adina

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Share Your Thoughts

  • LaSheena Taylor

    Feel sorry for this crazy guy. I’m a Christian and I know for a fact that what this guy is talking about is nothing like what’s found in the Bible. In Song of Solomon and in the Psalms, there a many passages that describe how God wants married couples to “delight” in each others’ bodies. It’s not just a “shut up and take my seed” thing, but something beautiful, passionate and intimate as you get to explore with your partner for the rest of your life. Hope this guy is single and not torturing some poor woman with how boring he is. Lol

  • Patricia Emmanuelle Nancoo

    Unfortunately this way of thinking is still going on in the world…it s only been a few years since women are seen as equal in some countries and religion has brainwashed people from even being curious to finding their own truth inside. His is only an opinion like any other…as long as he s not agressive about it and start calling women sluts or whores. I think it s scary that in this age we humans are not more evolved and open to anything different from what we know, the other gender, the other color, the other culture, the other point of view. I as a woman wish for a day when men and women will be open to love each totally in a real way…well good luck with that!

  • Adam Crow

    I wonder if this guy knows what the Maypole is really about. If he feels so strongly about the ‘female orgasm’, which is beautiful. How would he feel about people celebrating the true “Holy union” between the God and Goddess? It makes me sad that people feel this way. I feel bad for his wife, if there is one, for the horrible lay. “Stimulation and ‘enjoyment’ is NOT part of God’s plan.”? It sickens me to think of such a beautiful act of union and creation without them. Blessed be life and the joys we have with one another. Thank you for the post and the eye opener.

  • Dan Mikhaél

    That’s what happens when people don’t know themselves. They accept what school, society and religion teach them and and stay ignorant for the rest of their lives.

  • Rose Traylor

    Sex is a gift from our Creator or it wouldn’t be so amazing and healthy for us. I feel so sorry for this man and his reality even more so for his partner! Christ came to teach about love not the hatred this man vibrates in his words. Look at how Christ loved Mary Magdalen and I truly believe that was his girlfriend/lover/partner despite what Christianity has taught. Seems like this man is the one possessed by his own demons may he find enlightenment – love…. Very sad case this man… Blessings Adina I truly love your writings.

  • Kate

    Sex is beautiful and is shared between two beings. Why does he think it is appropriate for only the male of the two to experience an orgasm? They are both taking an equal part in the act. His reasoning is quite bizzare and clearly sexist if you ask me.

  • Breezy

    clearly he’s never given a woman an orgasm before…

    • You know what – this actually might be true because if he would have pleasured a woman up to the point of no return he would have seen the indescribable beauty in it and he d wanna do it over and over again. much love, adina

  • seductionsextravel

    It is so sick that a man wants female orgasms to be avoided and it is very sad that there are still so many men out there who have the madonna whore complex and differntiate in good girls and bad girls. Men are sexual beings and women are sexual beings and that is totally natural. There is nothing more beautiful than experiencing an orgasm together. Every man should have the goal to give the woman he has sex with an orgasm. In my experience there is nothing more fulfilling as a man than bringing a woman to orgasm


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