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What This Guy Did For His Sick Wife Brought Tears To My Eyes (So much love in here)


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Meet Bob & Linda Carey.

After Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer, Bob began taking beautiful but totally ridiculous photographs of himself in a pink tutu.

Bob Carey photography

To me Bob is more of a man than any epic macho athletic manly man we seem to idolize today. His natural instinct and love to his wife led him to do the best thing one can do to a person who is struggling with a weak immune-system: Making her laugh.

Bob Carey Photography


It has been known by mental health experts for a long time that depression or sadness flattens the immune system along with all the other physical and mental functions. Anything that lifts the mood is on the side not only of the angels, but the doctor and the patient, quite literally.

Bob Carey


So one can say that Bob’s a medicine man.

Bob Carey Photography


I am no advocate of chemo-therapy and I certainly don’t want to promote it with this post, but I do want to make you aware of how healing your actions can be to those around you.

Bob Carey Photography


Even if you have no money you can bring a smile to the face of those around you by doing something in service of them. I believe that sharing love will fill up your heart with even more love. Love is healing. Love nurtures. Love makes you and those around you alive.

Bob Carey Photography


You can purchase a calendar full of pictures of Bob in his pink tutu here. The proceeds benefit the Carey’s Foundation, which provides support to women diagnosed with breast cancer, survivors, and their family members.

Article Spotted at Buzzfeed

How do you feel about these images?

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  • Strom Thurmond

    “I am no advocate of chemo-therapy and I certainly don’t want to promote it with this post”

    Why the hell not? Are you as much a moron as you appear?

    • Matthew Koltes

      Anddddd ignorance.

      • Strom Thurmond

        Oh, right. People who go to medical school and research and deploy effective cancer treatments are fools. People who have blogs are the real experts. I’m so behind the times!

  • Tom Cruz


  • sfkat

    The url under the last 3 photos is incorrect and should be http://www.thetutuproject.com/. Very sweet story and a beautifully creative way to show his love.

  • Larry

    Brilliant, what a top top bloke.

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