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Chocolate, Cannabis & Coming: A Magical Recipe to Relieve Menstrual Cramps {The Wild Woman Way}


About Me

Ali is a writer and women’s embodiment mentor, helping women to “unleash and embrace their wild feminine nature". She is committed to the re-sacralization of the feminine across the globe. Her mission is passionately providing women with experience-based tools that inspire life-changing awakening in the feminine, promoting emotional awareness, spiritual fulfillment, wild self-expression as well as a connection to our bodies and their natural cycles.

“The combination of chocolate, cannabis, and a delicious healing orgasm from my partner was one of the most incredible menstrual cramp relieving formulas I had ever experienced.”

Some amount of cramping during a woman’s menstrual cycle is normal, but at times it can get very uncomfortable and painful. This is how I experienced it and how I discovered the following magical menstrual cramp relieving formula.

All of the medicinal and healing properties that each of the following ingredients possess did when used in combination with one another, not only completely clear up all of the menstrual cramps I usually experienced it also sent me into an absolutely blissful state of being.

My energy was freed up from being lost in the pain of cramping and I was able to thoroughly revel in the special experience of my moon time!

3 Ways to Relieve Menstrual Cramps (The Wild Woman Way)

Natural Medicine #1: Raw (Organic) Chocolate

Menstrual Cramp Relief

By nature, most women love chocolateespecially during their menstrual cycle. It’s important to me that I consume organic and raw chocolate. This is chocolate in it’s whole, most healthy, and nutritious form.

“Chocolate (cacao) in it’s raw form is particularly high in magnesium, which has been known to help relax muscles and prevent cramping — hence the medicinal effects it can have for menstrual cramping.”

I always prepare in advance for my moon cycle by either making a big batch of chocolate at home (using cacao powder and other organic ingredients), or buying a bunch so that I have plenty on hand while I am bleeding.

Natural Medicine #2: Cannabis (aka the “Green Goddess”)

Menstrual Cramp Relief

Large clinical studies have shown that smoking cannabis can act as a strong pain reliever.

Among possible indications are neuropathic pain due to multiple sclerosis, damage of the brachial plexus and HIV infection, pain in rheumatoid arthritis, cancer pain, headache, neuralgias, chronic bowel inflammation and menstrual pain.

My experience with vaporizing this medicine when cramping is that it decreases the intensity of the muscular contractions that causes cramps, allowing the uterine muscles to relax.

Natural Medicine #3: Coming

Menstrual Cramp Relief

The physical effect of sexual arousal and orgasm can be one of the best methods for relieving menstrual cramps.

Whether it’s from self-pleasure, pleasure from your partner (from penetration, oral, or external stimulation) — it’s just about having the orgasm and releasing into the pleasurable experience that it brings. It’s just the act of the orgasm that counts!

The contraction of the uterine muscles, and the release of endorphins during orgasm can help to ease the intensity of cramps, dramatically increasing your tolerance for pain.

There is also increased blood flow to your womb and sex organs during orgasm, which has been known to help reduce muscle cramping.

There you have it, sisters – my magical menstrual cramp relieving formula! Each of these three things – chocolate, cannabis, and coming – can be effective in relieving cramps on their own. Each had worked for me in the past, but I had never used all three of them in conjunction with one another – until then.

I can’t say that this will work as successfully for you, as each of us are so different and unique. However, i do recommend you give it a try!!

In the spirit of pleasure,

xo Ali

By Alexandra Schueler

Article edited by Chelsie Diadhiou


Did you ever use any of these tips or have you ever used it before? If so, did it help you or do you have any other secrets to relief menstrual cramps? Talk to me in the comments below.


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Jim Christian
Jim Christian
7 years ago

Meh, my gal loves chocolate in the squares from Godiva and sometimes we smoke some buds, and of course making love becomes seriously intense and spiritual at THAT point. I think it’s the relaxation, the release and as for the chocolate, maybe we get a sugar high?

Nah, we’re just happy and horny! Ha!

8 years ago

Cramps disappeared for me after using a native american remedy I read about in a women’s wisdom book. Nomadic tribeswomen shared that avoiding protein during their moon lightened the flow and eliminated cramps. This was for practical reasons as a heavy flow and cramps made packing up then setting down the entire camp, and the days of foot travel in between, impossible. They discovered, (and so did I, thanks to them!) that simply eliminating protein for a couple days before and during your flow, eliminated cramps. Also, avoiding caffeine and salt – all three things we strangely crave during moontime! But eliminating them for a week or so each month changed my life, so, Your Welcome! Pass it on ~

Melissa Nichole Kleve
Melissa Nichole Kleve
8 years ago

Orgasm makes my cramps worse if they are bad and better if only slight…

Katiana Perez
Katiana Perez
8 years ago

Lol I have trid 2/3 at once because I like any type of chocolate and I believe its true. Never thought I would see someone admit to this in public. Thats why I love this website!


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