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Ovary Breathing: A Powerful Way To Open You To Full-Body Orgasms, Inner Healing & Creativity

Kenyon Cox, Brune

About Me

Hi I'm Celeste, my greatest joy is to help women discover how easy it is to experience true health and vitality with simple embodiment practices, lifestyle up-grades and common sense wisdom.

“A woman in tune with her ovarian energy has a greater capacity to utilize her fertility and creativity to meet her needs as well as her desires.”

During embryological development, all of the eggs that a woman will release in her lifetime are developed while she is in her mothers’ womb. This means that the very egg that we all developed from (male and female alike), was developed inside of our mothers’ ovaries while she was in her mother’s womb. Literally, the seed of life you came from was first formed in your grandmothers’ womb!

“The ovaries connect us to our ancestors through the lineage of the grandmothers – that special womanly wisdom handed down from generation to generation since the beginning of time.”

Within 3 months of a woman conceiving a child, the most current genetic material in her body is imprinted upon her eggs so that her child will have the most relevant information to grow from. In fact, all of the experiences – the joys and the pains – our grandmothers and mothers lived through are passed on to us for our evolution and growth.

“When the energy of the ovaries is charged up and circulating in a woman, she has the ability to use her feminine power to heal and choose what potentials she creates in her life on every level.”

In order to live a life of wellness and tap into her creative & orgasmic energy, a woman must reclaim her ovarian palace and rejoice in this inner kingdom of pure potentiality. This can only be achieved by nurturing the flow of energy there, consciously guiding its light into expression in and around her body.

Ovarian Breathing: A Step-By-Step Guide

Use this exercise to awaken your intuition and unlock the wisdom of your ovaries!

#1 Connect to Your Ovaries

Place your hands over your ovaries – just below and on either side of the belly button – with your fingertips pointing downward over the pubic bone, thumbs touching gently together near the navel, creating an inverted triangle over the ovaries.

Ovary Breathing

#2 Breathe

Sit quietly and rest your tongue gently on the roof of your mouth, with your jaw and pelvis relaxed. Begin breathing deeply, focusing energy to your heart.

#3 Focus

Now, focus on sending energy down to your ovaries, until you feel the energy expand and warm under your hands.

#4 Tune in

Enjoy the rhythms and movement here and let yourself go even deeper into the flow of silence.

#5 Use Affirmations

Say out loud:

“I honor and invite the sacred wisdom of my Ovarian Palace to surface now. Please guide me into my own healing in a way that will serve me with the most love. Thank you”.

Repeat this sacred mantra in your heart and in your mind – or create your own personal affirmation!

#6 Listen

While you are focused on the space under your hands, listen to your inner wisdom and allow whatever visions, feelings or memories that come up to the surface and flow through you.

#7 Accept

Bring a sense of love and acceptance to whatever comes up for you. Using your breath, circulate your newfound ovarian energy to any part of the body that needs healing. Use your throat to exhale sounds that clear these energies from the body, mind, and heart for as long as needed.

#8 Visualize

While you are breathing into your ovaries, visualize a continuous flow of this loving energy moving in and around each of your ovaries and around your sacred feminine center.

#9 Be Present

Draw your awareness up to the heart center and let the glow of your radiance surge through your entire body.

#10 Journal

Journal about your experience of tuning in to your ovarian palace. Write about any creative ideas you wish to nurture with your love and creativity.

Create a Monthly Ritual

Practice ovarian breathing at least once every moon cycle or during your menstrual cycle, so that you can develop a deeper relationship with your body by returning to the rhythm of your sacred self as you change and grow (except during ovulation, due to the already stimulated energy of that time).

After practicing ovarian breathing, you can expect to feel more creative and fertile in all ways, so be conscious of your procreation capacity, reclaim your power to choose what you create, and have fun with this sacred practice!

Did you already try the Ovarian Breathing? What experiences did you have? Let me know in the comments below.

By Celeste Morris (Check out her bio at the top of article & her epic work); Edited by Chelsie Diadhiou

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Devil Nessh
Devil Nessh
8 years ago

Change the Ovary Mudra to Lingam Mudra & a few things here & there…. Voila ! Penis Breathing Meditation. Totally agree with Kelly Whelan-Enns, this is ancient internal alchemy. It’s beautiful & everyone should be doing it 🙂

8 years ago

LOVE THIS! Thank you for sharing this powerful wisdom….This is a wonderful practice to combine with your yoni steam ritual, too! Ladies, to learn more about yoni steam rituals check out: https://www.soulvibrance.com/yoni-steam/. Rejuvenate and detoxify with this ancient women’s wisdom. <3

Mary P.
Mary P.
8 years ago

What if you no longer have your ovaries? It is difficult to find information for women who have had hysterectomies. There seems to be many challenges associated with it….. also for women who are menopausal or post-menopausal……

8 years ago
Reply to  Mary P.

Your chakra is still there as an active energy point. Do the exercise in exactly the same way, visualizing the “phantom ovaries”. Somewhere at Step 7, 8 or 9 I might add the step of thanking the ovaries for their service and blessing the entire hysterectomy experience, including gratitude for how it helped as well!

Dana Michelle Gillespie

I love to visualize grounding & owning my ovaries at all times, and I do this before I run my female creative energy anywhere. We have a fun ‘International Ground Your Ovaries Day’ we celebrate every day. You all might enjoy. And @disqus_NjWXek82y0:disqus – You can always breath into your ovaries. While the kundalini is running through you for menopause – it’s still very helpful and great to do this. xoxo Estimated delivery: May 27th, 2015 to June 9th, 2015

Lisa Marshall
Lisa Marshall
9 years ago

Fantastic. For the women who are over 40 and experience intense ovulation rhythmic energy you suggest not using powerful technique. How do we utilize this energy in a positive way?

Kelly Whelan-Enns
Kelly Whelan-Enns
9 years ago

This is an extrapolation of Dantien Qigong, ancient Chinese internal alchemy. All good qigong begins with learning how to breathe. All humans have the creative energy engine or biological machinery in their abdomens that built them in the womb It never goes anywhere and often remains dormant unless awakened with proper breathing techniques. This engine is called the Dantien. The Dantien happens to parallel the position of the ovaries in women’s bodies – which does make this an excellent practice all around for the ovaries and female health in general. 🙂

30 plus of qigong and meditation and martial arts.

Manjula Saxena
Manjula Saxena
9 years ago

divine feminine energy dwells in this system.. women should honour their body and soul alike

Rosie Sheba
9 years ago

I’ve been doing this for a while now, but didn’t know it had a name!! Thank you!


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