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The 19 Most Exciting Sex Positions I Have Ever Seen: How Mayan’s Had Sacred Sex in a Hammock

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Lover of Life, Love & Sensuality. Optimist. Believer. Natural Beauty Advocate. Minimalist. Living life outside the box; where the magic happens.

The ancient Mayan’s are far too often known for their predictions and the 2012 phenomenon and way too little for their creativity when it came to sexual pleasure and fancy sex positions.

If you ask me: Kama Sutra is nothing compared to these sophisticated & hot Mayan Hammock Sex Positions. These pictures make me look at hammocks in a completely new way.

Don’t forget to unlock my favorite 2 Mayan Sex Positions. I am about to try them out as soon as I get a hammock in my hands. (btw. my fav’s are at the end of this article) Which position is Your Favorite?

Here are the 19 Most Amazing Mayan-Hammock-Sex-Positions

#1 The Jaguar Position

Mayan Sex Position Hammock

#2 The Dog Position

Mayan Sex Position

#3 The Road Position

The Mayan Sex Position

#4 The Eagle Position

The Mayan Sex Position

#5 The Vulture Position

The Mayan Sex Position

#6 The Earth Position

The Mayan Sex Position

#7 The Rainstorm Position

The Mayan Sex Position

#8 The Wind Position

The Mayan Sex Position

#9 The Light Position

The Mayan Sex Position

#10 The Night Position

The Mayan Sex Position

#11 The Lizard Position

The Mayan Sex Position

#12 The Serpent Position

The Mayan Sex Position

#13 The Death Position

The Mayan Sex Position

#14 The Deer Position

The Mayan Sex Position

#15 The Rabbit Position

The Mayan Sex Position

#16 The Water Position

The Mayan Sex Position

#17 The Reed Position

The Mayan Sex Position

These 2 Sex Positions Are My Favorites

#18 The Flint

#19 The Monkey – My absolute #1

Tell me your #1 Mayan Sex Position in the comments below.

Have fun :), Adina

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Images above are from the book Hamaca Maya: Mayan Hammock


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  • Blaine Smith


  • Taras

    My least favorite of all these positions is the position of the comma in “Mayan’s” … “Mayans” would have sufficed.

  • Faisal Shamas Shamas

    well i almost tried all the positions. but my favorites positions are, 2,7, and 18. when ever i had a sex i always try this..but number 2 and 18 i always enjoyed a lot. now i really someone to try this. single life is not a pleasure at all..:(

  • tecuexe

    1) Most mayans slept in Petates, not Hammocks, which came very recently 2) this is made up. Its not a Mayan painting from anywhere in the Maya region, and they aren’t wearing traditional Maya clothes, but some kind of George of the Jungle outfit – _ –

  • BJ Master

    To make a woman orgasm once, you will most likely need to use oral sex on her. This position offers you the most control and you are more likely to bring her to orgasm with your tongue than your fingers. The clitoris is extremely delicate and sensitive so you really need to take your time and to go slow on her body. However, when you use your tongue, you have a bit more leeway in this position. Your tongue is delicate enough as it is so you can be a little rougher with her and you won’t end up causing her any pain.More at — http://tinyurl.com/k84l4j8

  • Paddy

    Fabrication of the last century and likely last couple of decades made to cash in on Maya culture by applying it to them. Tip: any modern article referring to the Maya as “Mayans” (and especially as “Mayan’s”, which makes no damn sense) is probably full of shit. That said, they do have sex in hammocks (sometimes) and have for centuries… but how “sacred” it is/was is another matter and, though the number of positions tried likely varies from couple to couple, these “hammock sutra” or “sutra maya” or whatever inventions are modern creations. Plus, the Maya are very short and those drawings certainly don’t depict their body shape/proportions, much less any traditional Maya art style.

  • Hey thanks for sharing this article… There are lot of information about sex position … I want to try all position

  • Tarah Dalcerro

    I can’t unlock the last two positions 🙁

    • Michael W. Jones

      Thanks for the article my lady. People , creatures of habit….they all think they know it better or closed in mind.

      I too could not unlock your picks , Adina?¿

  • yeh good read and I enjoyed the site but as I lived in Mexico in the jungle for a year both
    sleeping (& on occassion loving it up) in a Hammock with my partner, I can assure you less than half
    these positions are possible. Be very careful in attempting any of
    these, the netting can cut circulation of limbs and genitals + panick
    = entanglement Dangerous, it happens. Guatamalan Material hammock for
    safer sex 🙂 not mesh hammock

  • jodylee33

    Hi Adina ~ I was so looking forward to seeing the last 2 positions, but unfortunately the button glitch seems to have made a return. I just discovered your page through a friend sharing one of your articles on Facebook – where have I been all my life? Love your work, and Oliver’s too 🙂

  • Ami Go

    Hammock positions are not for good always. these are meant for someone who is not your wife. in other means it is more painful in simple terms and try not on your married girl except call girl or friend. it sometimes damage your inner tissues both of male and female. I would prefer to have simple couch position which kamasutra guides us to enjoy to bliss.
    she , he, ankle, he half and half straight half horizontal positions are here to enjoy.

  • Ami Go

    I am researcher in india regarding human behavior on sexual preferences and health…… I find it good but not up to the mark.

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  • Anne

    Great article & shared thanks 🙂

  • Maximum

    Don’t forget, you have to wear the funky hat to get the full ‘Mayan’ effect!

  • R_Bug

    If you’ve ever tried to have sex in a hammock before, you’d be turned off by this article, too.

  • John Wheeler

    I am getting a loom right now to start making my hammock!

  • David Stoves

    I’m thinking you might just be a little full of yourself, don’t ya think~??? (Must be a Libra=) These positions have been around for thousands of years, probably long before the Mayan calender even~?!! And who hasn’t done it in a hammock~?!! Try about 80′ in the air inside and eagles nest in the middle of a thunderstorm m/ =)~ m/ lol

  • johan404

    Basically, get a hammock, have sex in it.

  • Aron Kalaii

    Can’t say I would like them…hammocks move all craZy….but I’m down to try.

  • Marie Cornelio

    All of them..live wild and free with your beloved right 😉

    • u nailed it. hugs & muhc love, adina

    • Ami Go

      many more to do

  • Bella

    The “HAMACA MAYA” or Mayan Hammock Sutra booklet is available on ebay … just saw it for sale ; item #350400599705 from an Australian seller… CK IT OUT!

    • u r amazing. thank u so much for sharing this. i havn t been able to figure our the name. amazing. much love, adina

  • The Halester

    18 looks wonderful. 😀

    • i hear ya. good choice. 🙂 muhc love, adina



    • thanks very much for your words brother. but it also needs people like you being open to reach the next level. much love, adina

  • Julio Sacramento Vera
  • Corazon Ringmaster

    A friend just sent me the link to this page as I sit sewing a fun fur hammock for someone. These positions are creative… could even call them baby makers! My hammocks are made custom… if you want to get it on: http://www.hanginghugs.com ….enjoy, and thanks for sharing… I will be sharing this on my HUGS site. 🙂

    • awesome. great name for your hammock company. much love, adina

  • Sophie

    Dear Adina, I love this! I am wondering if you were able to find the name of the book from which the illustrations were sourced + the artist’s name? Thanks for sharing!

    • someone just posted the title of the book. The “HAMACA MAYA” or Mayan Hammock Sutra booklet. much love, adina

  • Eunice

    Hi Adina, I’ve just found out about your page and loved it!
    Unfortunately, I can’t unlock pic #18 and 19 🙁
    Any idea of what might the problem?

  • Eleni

    Which buttons are you talking about that you have to hit so you can unblock the 18 & 19?

    • Adina Rivers

      Hey Eleni, our programer is working on that problem at the moment. The buttons will be there soon again. Sry for the inconvenience

  • Liz

    There are no pictures for 18 and 19 😐

    • Adina Rivers

      Oh it seems there is an error. I ll fix this now. Thanks for letting me know.

  • thatoneguy

    18 and 19 aren’t there

    • Adina Rivers

      Hi Brother, U ll have to click one of they buttons so they become unlocked. They are just hidden. 😉 Blessings, Adina

  • My favorite Mayan position is called “the Conquistador Rape”

    • Adina Rivers

      Hi Marc, never heart of this position. U just came up with it? Interested to find out if I missed one. 🙂 Adina

      • Tlaxcalli

        Are you serious? He’s making a rape joke. Why would Mayans have a position called the Conquistador Rape? Anyway, it’s beyond tasteless.

        • kauaihypnosis

          How cute, you use a Nahuatl word for your profile. Damn white people and new wagers trying to hijack other cultures.

    • Carlos Lisergico

      Yeah! that’s a good one!

    • EScott

      And what are you referring to exactly, Marc? Please explain to us all what the “Conquistador Rape” is.

  • AttitudeAdjuster

    I’ve tried several of these positions. . .though not including a hammock. When I was in Jamaica for the 1st time, I met a cpl who swore by the heightened experience using hammocks. When I go back and visit the erotic resorts, I’ll be experimenting with hammocks between trees, poles, etc. Yeah ba-bee. . .

    • Adina Rivers

      Lucky u. For me it s the hammock itself that turns me on the most. 😉 u made me curious: What erotic resorts are u talking about? recommendations? Love, Adina

  • Curious where you sourced this info and the images?

    • Adina Rivers

      Hi Love, A friend of mine sourced theses pictures from a Book about the Mayan People. As you can see these pictures are taken with a camera from a book. I ll ask him about the name of the book if u are interested. Blessings. Adina

      • I am quite interesting in knowing the name and author of the book as well. Thank you. ^__^

        • Adina Rivers

          HI brother, I ll try to find out the name of the book & author. Blessings, Adina

    • Bella

      Hey , I just posted the book title ( MAYA HAMMACA ) and where it’s available online by an Australian ebay seller – but THE MESSAGE GOT DELETED??? what’s up eh, do i bother reposting or do you not really want the viewers to know … ebay item #350400599705 … http://www.ebay.com/itm/BOOKLET-MAYAN-HAMMOCK-OR-HAMMOCK-SUTRA-/350400599705?pt=AU_Sun_Shades&hash=item519580d699

  • Your absolutely correct, when I think of erotic sexual positions the ancient Indian Hindu text of Kama Sutra comes to mind, definitely not the Mayans. However, the hammock involved makes for some intense sexual intimacy worth trying…move over Kama Sutra! My fav has to be 10 and 11!

    • Adina Rivers

      Hi Beautiful, I ll also dig deeper into Kama Sutra, but I thought it was too interesting to see other cultures deeply involved in sexual practices. Even the names seem to be eloquent and well chosen. I could not find too many information regarding the sex culture of the Mayan people though. I ll research some more. I too love 10 and 11. .. I love them all. 🙂 Blessings.

    • Ami Go

      yes u r right pamilla thesolotravelmuse. I adore ur knowledge of indian kama sutra. its amazing…

  • I love this … Just discovered your page … amazing … I love ALL your blog posts! By the way … on the thank you page, the link to the private FB group does not work! If it still exists I would love to join! Mahalo, Angelina

    • Adina Rivers

      hi love, thanks for the feedback & ur sweet words. I ll fix this asap & send u a link to the group. Blessings, Adina

      • AttitudeAdjuster

        Can u share the fb private group link with me?

    • Adina Rivers

      hi love, here u go for our private fb group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mytinysecrets/

  • MOses Mike

    im happy to see this not only because of the awesome positions, but because you are research oriented like i am. please keep up the good work

    • Adina Rivers

      you are more then welcome. Just like u I love to dig deeper & look at things from different angles.


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