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The 3 Most Efficient Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar against Yeast Infection


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In my previous article I talked about why Apple Cider Vinegar is such a powerful weapon against vaginal infections. In this blog post you will learn how to use and apply ACV in order to heal a Yeast Infection.

Healing Secret: Use Apple Cider Vinegar EVERY DAY

There are different ways of taking advantage of the immense health effects of ACV. But none – and let me repeat that – NONE of the methods will work if not applied every day.

The No. 1 reason Apple Cider Vinegar heals is because it re-balances the ph-level of the whole body to an acidic level. This ph-level helps to naturally fight off unwanted bacteria or yeast. But Apple Cider Vinegar can only re-balance the PH Level of your vagina if it is constantly present in your body.

The most efficient ways to use Apple Cider Vinegar against Yeast Infection

#1 Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Orally

Drink Apple Cider Vinegar against Yeast Infection

The absolute best way to use Apple Cider Vinegar for healing is to sip all day on a bottle of water mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar. Yes, it is that easy. The Earth Clinic experimented for a long time on the best solution mix. I trust them in their research & can absolutely recommend this solution:

Mix 2 TBLSP of Organic ACV in 1-2 Liter of water.


  • Never drink Apple Cider Vinegar straight, always mix it with the right amount of water (otherwise it might harm the enamel of your teeth)
  • After each glass of ACV/Water-Mix drink a glass pure water to rinse your mouth (this is to protect your teeth from the acidic nature of ACV)
  • Do not combine ACV with anything sweet or processed like honey or juice. (this is to protect your teeth from the acidic nature of ACV)

This solution will cleanse your system, kidneys and balance your ph-level slowly but surely.

#2 Take a Sitz-Bath with Apple Cider Vinegar

Sitz Bath With Apple Cider Vinegar

This is the most effective way to stop the itchiness of your yeast infection immediately. It does not have the long-term effects as the orally intake of ACV but it is the best way I know of to stop the itching naturally and immediately.

Fill the bath tub with warm water until your hip. Pour 2 cups of Apple Cider Vinegar into the water. Take a 10 minute sitz-bath.

After the bath dry your intimate area thoroughly. Wear no panties at all or cotton underwear panties. I recommend to take the bath before you go to bed. You will find immediate relief from the itchiness of your yeast-infection.

#3 Incorporate it into Your Diet

I would only recommend this method if there were no urge in healing and if you are tired of drinking Apple Cider Vinegar with water. ACV is great to use in many recipes.

I will soon add a list of recipes to use Apple Cider Vinegar in.

What type of Apple Cider Vinegar should you use?

Be very careful with the choice of Apple Cider Vinegar you make. Don’t just buy the cheapest in the supermarket as most of them only sell white distilled vinegar with caramel coloring added to it.

Only use raw, unfiltered, organic Apple Cider Vinegar that comes with the “mother” in it. I recommend Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, which can be found in Health Food Stores. It is the most famous brand, but there is also many other great, home made Apple Cider Vinegar that are wonderful to use.


The right Apple Cider Vinegar should look like this:

Apple Cider Vinegar With Mother Against Yeast Infection

Symptoms may get worst in the beginning of using Apple Cider Vinegar

As with many natural healing methods it can happen that your yeast infection symptoms may get worse for the first few days. Don’t worry. It is a natural reaction caused by the yeast dying off and a great sign of healing. Symptoms like a headache, fatigue or a foggy mind may be present for the first days but will clear quickly. At this point it is very important to stay strong & don’t give in. Healing is close.

And don’t forget: If you want to heal with this method it is crucial that you intake Apple Cider Vinegar EVERY DAY.

Please share these Healing Method With Friends & Family – Maybe it helps one of them.

Love to you Lovely, Adina


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