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What The F*ck Is Vaginal Steaming?


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Michelle Czolba, M.Sc. has formally studied and experienced the School of Hard Knocks, herbalism, natural skin care, magical traditions, and permaculture. Her mission is to arouse the development of wildly natural, ecstatic women and men around the world. She does this through teaching and sharing about natural body care, self-love, and ancient practices of transformation, empowering people to touch the bliss and beauty of the Divine in themselves. Connect with her at her site.

Pussy spa? Hell yeah!

Some call it V-Spa others Yoni Steaming and others Vaginal Steaming.. however you want to call it this treatment works wonders if you want a healthy and juicy vagina. Let’s check it out:

Vaginal steaming is an ancient healing technique used to empower, beautify, cleanse, tone, heal and rejuvenate the intimate area of a woman. It is an all-natural and super simple practice combining the powers of heat, steam, water and herbs.

Vaginal steaming is as old as the hills. It has been used since centuries by women all around the world. In Central America it is known as Bajos, in Korea as Chai Yok and in Indonesia as Ratus.

It’s basically like taking your pussy to the spa.

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Why Do Vaginal Steaming?


Vaginal steaming done on a regular basis has like a thousand benefits. It is pretty much magic for your pussy. It helps with:

  • Painful or irregular menstruation
  • chronic vaginal/yeast infections
  • maintain healthy vaginal odor
  • smelly, dry & itchy vagina
  • Infertility
  • Uterine fibroids and cysts
  • General vaginal tightening, toning, health and relaxation
  • Balancing hormones
  • Bacterial and bladder infections
  • Amenorrhea, Prolapse, Endometriosis
  • healing of hemorrhoids
  • relieving uterine cramping, healing hemorrhoids

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Vaginal steaming is a fantastic way to not only heal yourself from physical imbalances in your intimate area but also from emotional trauma. The heat and steam help release unwanted energies.

Some women do a vaginal steaming session right after a sexual relationship ends. Many of them reported it helped them to let go of an ex-lover’s energy and helped them open up again and invite new experiences.

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How Does Vaginal Steaming Works?


Steaming works on two levels. It works with the powers of heat and steam and the healing power of medicinal plants. 

#1 Heat and Steam Technique

The moist and the heat open the pores of the tissue, which are incredibly absorbent.

The steam carries the medicinal benefits of the plants, including volatile oils and deposit them in the surface of your skin.

Afterwards they are absorbed into the vaginal tissue (the most absorbent of the entire female body) allowing it to enter the bloodstream and have a direct healing effect on the reproductive system and the uterus.

The heat and medicinal steam, increase circulation, thin mucus and actively dislodge & remove encrusted materials from the uterine walls, which help the uterus function at its best and reduces your discomfort.

Cleaning the membranes of the vaginal tissue and uterus is one of the main purposes of a vaginal steam.

It is considered the magical ‘pill’  for stagnant fertility conditions, and for incomplete emptying of menses during each cycle.

#2 Plant Medicine Technique

If you want to have a next-level vagina steaming session you are better off using herbs instead of essential oils.

Essential oils might be too strong for the delicate and soft tissues of your yoni.

Let me share with you a list of some really awesome herbs to use in during your pussy spa and some very general guidelines for choosing the best ones for you.

For my ‘spiritual’ ladies: It can be a great idea to choose plants with which you have a spiritual connection. This might give your emotional well being an extra boost.

Great Herbs for Your Vaginal Steaming


Different herbs have different healing properties. Here’s a list of different herbs for different female issues:

#1 Rosemary

  • Increases circulation to the reproductive organs
  • Helps clearing out old fluids
  • Works as antiseptic and purifies

#2 Mugwort, Oregano, Basil

  • stimulates blood flow in pelvic and uterus
  • stimulates life force energy 
  • reduces painful menstruation
  • spiritual cleansing
  • is an emmenagogue; stimulates menstruation

#3 Lavender


  • Incredibly relaxing; calms the mind and body
  • Nourishes the nervous system
  • cooling effect on inflammation
  • antiseptic; aiding in healthy uterine function

#4 Marigold

  • Used to induce perspiration & cleansing of the vaginal tissues
  • Aids in the healing of vaginal tissue

#5 Rose petals

  • Its gentleness is relaxing & uplifting
  • Used as astringent to tissues of the genitals

#6 Yarrow

  • Used for toning, tightening
  • decreases your period discharge

#9 Lemon Balm

  • soothing for a itchy vagina

#10 Motherwort


  • helps with fibroids and polyps

Other powerful herbs:

  • Mugwort, oregano and basil are a good blend for general health purposes
  • Other herbs that can be used in combination with the above are:  Burdock leaf, St. John’s Wort, Yarrow, Red Clover, Damiana, Chamomile, Dandelion, Yellow Dock, Wormwood and Squaw Vine
  • Medicinal herbs for a healthy womb: Red Raspberry leaf, Juniper, Motherwort, Peony, and Dong Quai
  • Tonifying herbs: Witch Hazel, Yarrow, Cedar Berries, Rose and Juniper

If you are lazy to mix and find these herbs you can also try the official MyTinySecrets V-Steam Blend. Made of 100% organic and fair trade herbs.

Who Should NOT Do Vaginal Steaming?


Vaginal steaming is powerful stuff and anything powerful has to be done with care. In the case of vaginal steaming it is important to know that there are times and cases when it should NOT be done (due to its effects on your circulation).  

It’s not recommended for women:

  • With an IUD
  • With any internal infections, including an active herpes outbreak
  • With a fever
  • During menstruation
  • During pregnancy

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It’s also important to know that the first menstrual cycle after your steam will most likely be different and can include lots of chunks (darker in color) and can have “funny” textures.

But don’t worry it’s all part of the healing. Trust your body.

The gynecologist Lissa Rankin had some wonderful thoughts for those unsure about trying Vaginal Steaming:

I’m a big fan of checking in with  your lady bits. What does your body tell you? Is this for you? If not, skip it. But if the wisdom of your body speaks to you and says, “YES!” pay attention.

That little voice can be much wiser than any randomized controlled double-blinded clinical trial. And as long as you’re not putting your body in danger, what’s the harm? Worst case scenario the pores of your vulvar skin are squeaky clean and tightly closed. And if it works to help you meet your goals, more power to ya.

If you are interested to beautify, tighten and heal your magical vagina check out also this powerful ancient secret.

By Michelle Czolba | Edited by Eda Sofía| Featured artist: Gil Elven 

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Jim Christian
Jim Christian
8 years ago

Yeah, no offense intended, Paltrow pushes this with an assortment of “stuff” you can flavor the steam with. Ye Gawds, ladies, God made it perfect, leave it ALONE!

Scanner On The Chair
Scanner On The Chair
8 years ago

CLAIM: It is pretty much magic for your pussy. It helps with:
Painful or irregular menstruation
chronic vaginal/yeast infections
maintain healthy vaginal odor
smelly, dry & itchy vagina
Uterine fibroids and cysts
General vaginal tightening, toning, health and relaxation
Balancing hormones
Bacterial and bladder infections
Amenorrhea, Prolapse, Endometriosis
healing of hemorrhoids
relieving uterine cramping, healing hemorrhoids
COUNTERPOINT: No it doesn’t. It doesn’t help with any of that. In fact, I hypothesize it would disrupt normal probiotic flora in your pussy and predispose you to a yeast infection. Ladies, leave your pussy alone except when you want to play with it. Your body’s natural wisdom can take care of it amazingly without you steam cleaning it. If you have one of those signs, symptoms or conditions, see a doctor, not an internet blog.


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