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The 5 Weirdest Sensations You Might Experience Before, During & After Orgasm

weird sensations during sex

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Mariah Freya is Co-Founder of Omooni and a sex coach. She opens up the topic of sexuality in all its diversity through her blog and podcast. Mariah has a powerful global mission: Liberating sexuality from below the belly button up, and helping the individual grow through pleasure into fulfillment. She sees her role as one of promoting sexual consciousness and helping humanity to plug into their soul desires to turn them into action

Yes, I know sometimes you will experience some weird sensations during sex; and this is 100% ok. We are all different and in a 2010 study women were able to describe their orgasms with 27 different adjectives.

Have you ever wondered about the tiny tingly sensations you have during an orgasm? Or were you ever freaked out over certain sensations after lovemaking? So freaked out that you spammed all internet forums full, looking for reasons? Or are you a tantric sex practitioner and have experienced it all?!

At least I did. Here you go, the fascinating world of the weirdest sensations to be experienced before, during & after sex:

#1 Color Change & Growth

This is fascinating! Sex makes our bodies grow and change color.

We, as women, get bigger where it’s needed. Meaning our vagina expands into all directions. Our uterus may get pushed back to make space in our sweet temple (Debby Herbenick, PhD, author of Because It Feels Good). If feels, whenever my body and mind is ready to open the sacred gates for my lover, only then does something beautiful happen.

Even our breasts swell and increase in size. Nipples are erect and their color starts changing into darker shades. I wish my breasts would always look that way ;-).

For men penises swell into beautiful erect phalluses, and nipple color changes into a beautiful bud.

Our temperature increases naturally during sexual arousal, which paints the cute red cheeks on our face or body. This counts for both sexes. It’s due to the increased blood flow in our body that we literally experience a “sex flush”. I usually feel like in a sauna, when making love.

#2 Decrease Of Pain


You have a headache? Make love!

Well of course it won’t heal all wounds but it’s proven that pain of any kind decreases during strong sexual arousal and orgasm (Journal of Sex Research).

A more esoteric point of view would be that sexual energy is one of the most healing powers a human being has to offer.

Once I had terrible toothache, due to my wisdom teeth. Making love made me totally forget about it and the infection calmed down straight away.

For a second our body almost forgets annoying pain sensations of any kind. Give it a try – at the moment you are highly aroused and experience an orgasm you probably won’t feel your headache or other pain sensations as much as before. Or by then it might have disappeared altogether?!

#3 Numbness

It seems to be a huge (and scary) topic for many people but those who experience a full body numbness after or during lovemaking are freaked out and scared by this sensation. If you trust forum advice found through Google, they suggest that you might have had a stroke or that you should immediately consult a doctor.

Don’t panic! Some believe that this may be caused by hyperventilation and fast breathing during strong sexual arousal. Apparently it causes calcium in our blood to shift to our muscles, making them seize up. The source of this theory is very vague and I haven’t found any solid research on it. So it seems to be one of the many myths that so far science has no explanation for.

In the tantric tradition this numbness is often described as a sensation of our pranic (energy) body. It’s awareness on a subtle level. Some describe it as pleasurable, blissful and as a great sense of peace.

A few weeks back I was lying on my back after having an orgasm, feeling totally paralyzed for at least 15 minutes. I simply took the opportunity to meditate and calm down my mind.

#4 Blissful High


Ever felt super stoned after an exciting time with your lover? I feel it all the time.

After an explosive hormonal dose of Adrenaline, Oxytocin, Dopamine, Serotonin and Vasopressin, which are produced during and after intercourse, we simply are high on all those “love hormones”. Feeling high like on a drug but much better!

They also found in a study that the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain that is responsible for our self-identification, moral reasoning and social judgement, shuts down when women have orgasms (Janniko R. Georgiadis).

Tantrics use sex as a meditation to enter into altered states and let go of their ego completely. Science has just confirmed the physical theory behind all this.

If you feel you are in a state of bliss after a good long session of love making, sit down and meditate. You might realize what a beautiful “egoless” peace of mind you actually are in.

#5 Muscle Spasm

This is the weirdest of all; when muscles are out of control. It almost feels as if our muscles have a mind of their own.

Some women experience enormous muscle spasms during and after orgasm. According to the study of Masters and Johnson this is due to contraction of the vaginal muscles. This causes other parts of the body to shake and tense up. This theory dates from the 1960s and is not 100% reliable anymore.

Some more alternative sources might describe this sensation as an overflow of sexual energy, going out through your limbs.

Weird, Mysterious and Fascinating


Weird sensations are fascinating but also sometimes a little scary. We don’t really know where they come from and exactly what it means.

Everyone will experience them slightly differently. And it’s absolutely okay if you haven’t experienced anything like this at all.

But maybe you have a combination of soft tingly sensations in your head and a shallow numb right foot you haven’t been aware of, or maybe you feel gentle pins and needles in your face and have a wave-like eruption of full body cramp.

However, we are all different and in a 2010 study women were able to describe their orgasms with 27 different adjectives (Archives of Sexual Behavior).

I am pretty sure there are many more weird sensations we can experience, in addition to the five I have mentioned above. So be aware and prepare to explore what energetic sensations your body might have to offer.

By Mariah Freya

Featured Images by the talented Hélène Béland


What other sensations have you experienced? How would you name them? Don’t be shy and share with us in the comments below. 🙂

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