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Vulnerability Is Sexy! Here’s The Proof.

Nude, Nadav Kander

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Chelsie Diadhiou is a New York based writer, editor, and mother on a mission to inspire women to use their innate power to consciously create dynamic lives. From motherhood and sexuality, to lifestyle and culture, she explores various themes in her quest to stimulate thought provoking discussion about what it means to be a woman in today’s world. Her philosophy is that everything a woman does must come from a space deep within.

“We are never more vulnerable than when we are naked. Nudity IS vulnerability.”

When we are born, the world accepts us as we are – in all of our naked glory.

For the first few years of life, there is no shame in nudity – only a sense of unconditional acceptance and love.

Over time, our belief in our own innocence is replaced by shame, and we are taught that to be seen unclothed is unacceptable; that the human body is somehow shameful, and best kept private.”

So what do we do? We begin to hide behind layers of clothes.

More than a protection from the elements, clothes act as a social mask that allows us to hide not only our physical flaws, but most importantly, our authentic selves.

Nadav Kander’s nude images show us what happens when we peel back the layers of armor and dare to show up real, raw, and vulnerable.

“The models are all auburn-haired, their bodies coated in white marble dust, shown against a black background to emphasize every inch of their form. In most of the images the faces are hidden, a nod to classical renaissance art.”

Take a look at these stunning images and allow yourself to be touched by the beauty and power of vulnerability in nudity.

#1 The Female Body In Its Natural Form


#2 The Face Buried To Hide The Shyness

Nude, Nadav Kander

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#3 The Face Hidden To Hide The Tears


#4 But After Acceptance Follows Self-Love


#5 After Tears Follows Inner Growth


#6 May We Be Seen In All That We Are


#7 May Human Be The New Perfect


#8 May Insecurities Be A Doorway To Self-Love


#9 We Are Not Just Our Body. We Are Heart, We Are Soul.

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These images are a wonderful reminder that if we keep hiding ourselves, we can never be truly seen.

Yes, there is vulnerability in nudity. But as these photos reveal, vulnerability is inspiring, empowering, and beautiful.

What were your first feelings when you saw these images? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. 

You can find more of Nadav Kander’s work here.

Love & hugs, Chelsie Diadhiou

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Linda Higgins
Linda Higgins
8 years ago

Wow, tears streaming down my face right now…how incredibly beautiful these bodies are.
The tears are for me, as I am going through the pics i come to number nine and something about the picture is comforting and knowing…..I realize it is like looking at myself.
The tears are because I found this picture to be beautiful yet i judge myself as anything but beauty…..an awww haaa moment for sure ❤️


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