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Why Your Stretch Marks Are Badass {.. And How To Love Them}


About Me

I'm a creativ'ist and body mythologist. I've a particular interest in rewriting the script about parts of our bodies we're often told to ignore, hide, put down, attack, dislike or be ashamed or apologetic about. These include hairiness, stretchmarks, cellulite, scars and wrinkles.

“There’s nothing wrong with our stretch marks, with our bodies, or with US. Who says they aren’t glitter trails? Who says they do not worship you?

Search online for the term, ‘stretch marks’, and what comes up is:

“How to prevent them, treat, or get rid of them.”

Here’s a cure. Here’s a treatment. Here’s how you can make it go away.

You’d think millions of people have some kind of skin disease and that it’s highly contagious.

Beauty for Profit: A Billion Dollar Industry

Stretch marks are largely seen as ugly and unsightly – something that needs to be hidden, gotten rid of, or worse, something to be ashamed of.

Why is there such an overwhelmingly negative view about stretch marks?

The so-called ‘beauty’ industry makes billions of dollars off of insecurities, selling us creams and potions full of empty promises. They make money by constantly suggesting to us that we – and our bodies – are not good enough.

But here I am telling you: Your stretch marks are skin hieroglyphs.

Yes, You Can Love Your Stretch Marks

I believe the script can be rewritten about how we look at our stretch marks. We have the power to do that.

You can start looking at your stretchmarks in a positive way and love them as beautiful and sacred. You can do so, repeatedly, until the new replaces the old. We hold the pen.

How to Love your Stretch Marks

So if you’re reading this and want to start the journey towards loving your body, then here are some affirmations to help you honor and celebrate your love marks!

Who says your stretch marks aren’t jewels?

Who says they aren’t glitter trails?

Who says they aren’t living prayers?

Who says they aren’t love letters?

Who says they do not contain libraries of divine knowledge?

Who says your stretch marks aren’t the twinned reflection of lightning?

Who says they aren’t magic?

Who says they do not worship you?

Who says life does not admire herself through your stretch marks?

Who says your stretch marks can’t take you to the moon?

Who says your stretch marks aren’t your way home?

Stretch Marks are Beauty Marks

Just as we learned to see our stretch marks as embarrassing and problematic, so too, can we empower ourselves by learning to accept and love them as beautiful and sacred.


We can decide for ourselves that there’s nothing wrong with our stretch marks, with our bodies, or with US.

We have the power to see our stretch marks for what they really are: sacred beauty marks.

By Ebele Ajogbe (Check out her website & epic ‘Stretch Mark’ campaign); Edited by Chelsie Diahdiou


P.s. Please support Ebele’s Stretch Mark Fundraiser Campaign HERE

P.P.s Editor’s Note: If you’re ready to accept your body (flaws and all), check out these amaaazing (and empowering) photos!!

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8 years ago

Wow, this was so empowering! For too long I looked at my stretch marks as disgusting lines that just ruined my outer beauty image. You see I lost 20 kilos and well the stretch marks popped out! But this article helped me to appreciate why I have them in the first place! I was over weight and I made a promise to myself to get healthier and I have not looked back. I tested myself to the core, and now im better, stronger, healthier, and more flexible then I ever was. Re-constructing my mindset with this article shows me that my marks are love trails of everyday I pushed myself in Yoga, Pilates, or weight lifing, blurpes/plank jacks,and all the times I felt like giving up stood my ground and am closer then ever on achieving my goals!. So Thank You so much for this article im proud of my beauty marks and can now embrace anymore that might coe my way!


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