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10 Ways How to Prevent Vaginal Infection During Pregnancy

10 Ways To Prevent Vaginal Infection During PRegnancy

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In my previous article I talked about the main causes of Vaginal Infections during pregnancy. Now it’s time to talk about solutions.

If you want to learn how to heal any type of vaginal infection the natural way I suggest to read my article 12 Ways To Naturally Heal A Vaginal Infection.

Now even better then healing an infection is preventing it. Any kind of infection is heavy on the body and sucks up a lot of energy. This is because your body needs and uses all energy left in it for healing.

As with everything in life the right type of prevention of a disease will not only help you not to get sick but to feel more alive and healthy. If you choose the natural way it will help you to better attune into your body and its needs. I will help you get started with the first steps.

How to avoid Vaginal Infection During Pregnancy… Naturally

#1 Keep your lady-friend clean and dry

Wash your vagina with plain water. Soaps, Lotions or other cleansers (even special Intimate Washing Soaps) kill the good bacteria needed to keep a healthy balance in your intimate area.


#2 Don’t Forget Your Anal Area

Wipe from front to back so that no unwanted bacteria can reach your vajayjay. Also make sure to clean your anal area thoroughly under the shower.

#3 Urinate after sex


This is important. Even if you are lazy and just want to chill after a fun time with your lover, it is important to go to the toilet after sex. Why? Simply because this will greatly reduce your risk of an Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

#4 Don’t sit too long and often in hot bubble bath

Bubble Bath and Vaginal Infection

In fact I recommend not to sit in a bubble bath at all. If you take a bubble bath you are sitting inside water that you have cleaned yourself with. Dirt and soap seeps back and forth into your vajayjay. Especially if you use bubble bath this will kill the healthy bacteria that are produced naturally to kill the bad bacteria. It will help the yeast to spread both inside and outside the vaginal area. If you want to sit in the bathtub do so after you cleaned yourself and don’t put any soaps. I recommend to put sea salt.

#5 Wear cotton underwear to allow your vagina to breathe

Cotton Underwear Vagina Infection

In fact I always recommend to not wear anything. Yeast hates dry and oxygen-rich areas. I believe you will greatly reduce the risk of getting a Vaginal Infection by not wearing any panties at all. If you want or have to wear them only chose those made of natural, breathable materials. (e.g. cotton)

#6 Eat a healthy & balanced diet

Healthy Nutrition During Pregnancy

Even if it is difficult – especially during pregnancy – I suggest you eat lots of raw fruit, salad, veggies. Not only is it great for the development of your baby, but also great way to avoid any kind of infection and boost your immune system. Try to cut out some of these foods as they turn into sugar: bread, rice, pasta, corn, cheese & mushrooms. White sugar should be completely avoided (it is unnatural + yeast feeds on sugar)

#7 Keep dry as good as possible

Keep Vagina As Dry As possible

Like I  wrote before. Yeast hates oxygen. It cannot survive or grow with it. Instead it loves and lives in moist areas. Dry yourself as good as possible after taking a shower, using the toilet or after sport. If you use pads, change them often. And sleep without panties at night.

#8 Keep hydrated with water

water during vaginal infection pregnancy

By drinking water you will help the bad bacteria to get flushed out and your system to get cleaned. Drink a minimum of 6-8 glasses of water a day or more if you feel you need more. Healthy urine looks very pale yellow. (You should always prefer water of any other drink)

#9 Get More Rest & Meditate

meditation pregnant woman

Your body is now working harder then ever before and it is more susceptible to infection. Sleep as often as possible. Rest, Meditate, Relax. Yeast also grows easily in times of stress. Try to let go of thoughts, actions, feelings that make you feel angry, uncomfortable or unhappy.

#10 Practice Safe Sex

Safe Sex Pregnant Woman

Don’t use any chemical lubricant or a product using glycerin during sex. Glycerin is a sugar. Yeast feeds on sugar. Don’t switch from Anal to Vaginal Sex and don’t put any plastic sex toys in your vagina. Plastic contains millions of chemicals that can cause irritation to your vagina. Also take care that any object you put in your vagina is very clean.

#11 My Personal Secret To Heal & Prevent Any Infection

Anytime my body feels out of balance I use Secret Ceres. Secret Ceres is a highly potent organic herbal stick used to internally cleanse, heal and tighten the vagina, rebalance the vaginal pH, and improve sexual sensation and libido. It does so by exfoliating the vaginal callus sanitizing, cleansing and regenerating the vagina.

You can read more about Secret Ceres here.

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If this article helped you please share it with other women that are currently pregnant. It might prevent an infection. Let’s help each other. Love, Adina

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8 years ago

I want to try drinking Secret Ceres solution is it completely safe to do while breastfeeding?


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