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11 Magical Places Where People Walk Officially Naked {.. All Day, Everyday!}

Nude Beach_Naked Beach

About Me

Lover of Life, Love & Sensuality. Optimist. Believer. Natural Beauty Advocate. Minimalist. Living life outside the box; where the magic happens.

“I don’t know about you, but I freaking loooove to be butt-naked.”

I love it because it is healing on every level – emotionally, physically & sexually. (and yeah.. that’s me in the picture on top).

A recent study found that being naked increases neuron development, self-love, tolerance towards others, a positive body-image, sex drive, testosterone production, fertility, immunity, awareness and sooo many more things. 

The best place to be naked and take in all the healing benefits of mother nature is at the nude beach. Therefore we at MyTinySecrets have put together for you a list of the most amazing naked beaches all over the world. And my favorite beach is the last one..

#1 Black’s Beach, California

BlackBeach-MyTinySecrets-NudeBeachPhoto Credit: mylifeisabeach.com (right)

Black’s Beach is a secluded section of beach beneath the bluffs of Torrey Pines in, San Diego, California. There are several ways to reach this beach, but most routes are steep and unmarked, so for all my adventurers out there: be careful.

#2 Playa las Suecas, Panama


Playa Las Suecas is an enchanting beach that lies on the southeast corner of Contadora Island, Panama. This is the only place where you can officially go completely naked in the whole country. Las Suecas is a small beach with aquamarine water and a couple of rocks popping up, when low tide. It is surrounded by lush green and is a perfect place to feel save and free being close to the big mama: nature!

#3 Alexandria Bay, Queensland

AlexandriaBay-MyTinySecrets-Naked3Photo Credit: EA photography

Alexandria Bay is, like most of the rest, an unofficial nudist beach. It is situated on the eastern side of the Noosa Heads National Park, Australia. The easiest and best way to get there is to park in Noosa Heads National Park and take the 3km scenic walk. Despite its lack of legal status, this is still Queensland’s most popular nude beach; it is secluded, beautiful & private. On weekends though it sometimes attracts hundreds of bathers.

#4 Lokrum Island, Croatia


Lokrum Island is a paradise-like island located in the Adriatic Sea, only 600 meters from the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Here you will find one of Croatia’s many naturist or FKK (Free Body Culture) beaches. The island is connected to main land through a ferry which runs regular services from the city, so do not fear, it is not difficult to reach, nonetheless the place you are looking for is a cliff beach. So if you’re a bit sensitive, go prepare with a thick mat or even a blanket.

#5 Paradise Beach, Greece


Paradise Beach is a golden sand and crystal-clear water idyllic destination for nudists. It is located in the Island of Mykonos, Greece, and famous as one of the most popular tourist destinations. In Mykonos you can find all sorts of tourist facilities: from seaside accommodation to beach bars, restaurants and water sports centers. Paradise Beach is famous as one of the top party beaches in the world.

#6 Maslin Beach, Australia


Maslin Beach was declared Australia’s first nudist beach on 1974. It is located in the City of Onkaparinga, South Australia and because of its pristine conditions, it has been named one of the prettiest beaches in the whole south. Maslin Beach is surrounded by high cliffs, which serve as perfect spot for picnics or sunset viewing. Completely original and unexpected, the Maslin Beach Nude Olympics are held annually, consisting of informal competitions such as sack racing and the judging of the “best bum”.

#7 Saline Beach, St. Barth


Saline Beach is probably the best known beach in St Barts. It is famous for it’s dune entry, its beauty and its photographs, which  have circled the world. It lays a little bit off the beaten path but it is completely worth it. It is wide, deep, undeveloped, and with outstanding white sand and scenery. Nudity is tolerated here but not in other parts of the island, for which you must be careful to be sure you are in the right spot before you strip naked.

#8 Margarita Island, Venezuela


Margarita Island is a mountainous tropical Caribbean island hidden in the north shore of Venezuela. For the sun worshipers there is nothing like this place where the sun shines over 330 days a year; but don’t fear, there is also plenty of shade to lay down and read a book in this incredible spot lined up with tall, dancing palm trees. For those who can’t stay put, Margarita Island is also known as a perfect perfect spot for surfing.

#9 St. Tropez, France


St. Tropez is a jet set favorite. It lays along the French Riveria, and it is only a short drive from Nice or Cannes. If you are looking for the most amazing skinny dip, head to Escalet Beach, where you’ll find the turquoise water you are looking for. Escalet is a protected beach and it is so clean and building-free you will really feel secluded in nature.

#10 Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii


Little Beach is known as the unofficial hangout for nudists in Maui. Its vegetation will no-doubt make you feel in a deserted island: surrounded by high shrubs, craggy volcanic rocks and driftwood. Rub on some lotion and lay bare ass on perfect warm golden sand, or hit the surf for perfect waves. There is no way to get bored, activities here rage from swimming, snorkeling and windsurfing, to body surfing and whale watching.

#11 Me Naked On My Favorite Beach In …

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Mallorca, Spain, displays a vast array of beautiful beaches to choose from. There are perfect hidden spots with white sands and gentle currents as well as rocky terrains with more playful waters. I personally loved ‘Es Trenc’ beach. I spent so many wonderful hours there.. just me, my lil’ family, the sand, the gentle breeze and the ocean.. mhhhh..


There are of course many more amazing nude beaches. I’ll share with you these gems in the next part. 🙂

What would be your favorite beach from this list? Or would you ever go to

Much love, Adina

P.s. By the way.. in this video I am doing my naked yoga at the nude beach..


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7 years ago

Finally! Got to see my favourite advisor’s body!

7 years ago

You are insanely sexy. I always love walking around public naked in legal places with a huge hard on.

7 years ago
Reply to  Brian

You are insanely stupid and immature.

Bjarne Bødker
8 years ago

doubt, my own favorite destination for nude bathing is Formentera – here my own
story and pix


8 years ago

the picture from Greece is Balos beach on the Island of Crete. One of the most beautiful ones of Greece but unfortunately not “oficially” a nudist beach. However if you go a little further away from the bulk of the people, none will complain if you drop your bathing suit!

8 years ago

too bad none are near me. yoga video looked relaxing !

Xela Qlito
Xela Qlito
8 years ago

I know it’s impossible to mention all the places but I can tell you which place should NOT be in the list: Margarita Island.
First of all, it’s a big island with cities and many, many beaches. And, yes, some are very beautiful but to suggest you can walk around nude there is like saying you can do so “in New York” (about same surface area, btw).
Secondly, Margarita is part of a VERY dangerous country called Venezuela. Nudism per se is not legal anywhere in the country but there are some
remote beaches where you might find people in the buff, but it is rare. If you are not mugged in your street clothes (and that would just be dumb luck on your part) you will certainly be robbed, beaten and raped if you pretend to be naked in any public space. The probabilities of finding “progressive, like minded people” like you are so slim you should not go there at all and if you are dumb enough to do so, certainly don’t attempt to walk around with no clothes on.

Rita Guerreiro
Rita Guerreiro
8 years ago

I am from Portugal and you can find several beautiful nude beaches in the south west. It is amazing and there are still some wild ones 😉

8 years ago

I just love being naked.i find its very soul bearing and it ease the stress after a hard days at work when i coul come home and just be naked in my apt.unfortunately i have been to a nude beach ever.sigh

8 years ago

this is really cool! paradise for all nudists! useful!

8 years ago

Don’t forget Cad d’Agde on France’s Mediterranean Coast. It’s a whole friggin Nudist Colony Town. Great Beach too. Shop and eat at the restaurant in the buff. https://www.creme-de-languedoc.com/Languedoc/beaches/

7 years ago
Reply to  BrianLove



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