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7 Simple Techniques to Extend Your Next Orgasm ♡


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Eyal Matsliah is an author, speaker, and coach in the areas of conscious business, sacred sexuality, and creative expression.Eyal is unique in his approach that integrates sexual, professional and spiritual empowerment.His clients learn to cultivate their sexual energy and channel it into their creativity, business, and wellbeing. Eyal’s book, ‘Orgasm Unleashed – Your guide to pleasure, healing and power’, teaches a woman how to transform her sexual experience by herself, and later share that with her partner. He lives in the beautiful Melbourne, Australia.

For most women an orgasm lasts a few seconds. This doesn’t have to be the case.

One of the greatest insights that I have had while working with women, is that many have an internal timer that tells them, “This orgasm has finished. I have come and now my orgasm is over.”

For most women an orgasm lasts a few seconds.

Afterwards the orgasm timer kicks in and thoughts such as these take over:

  • “I’ve orgasmed and now I need to pleasure him.”
  • “I have had an orgasm, therefore sex is finished.”
  • “He’s probably waiting for me to finish.”

Attitudes That Limit Your Orgasmic Potential


Your orgasm potential is limited by a range of  beliefs and attitudes such as:

#1 Orgasm Is A Momentary Experience

Most women believe that an orgasm is a momentary experience – you rise, you peak, you fall. They don’t know that an orgasm can be a continuous state, lasting minutes and (sometimes) hours.

#2 Orgasm Is The Goal

An orgasm is seen as the goal of sex, so once it’s achieved, it signals the end of the sexual interaction.

#3 After Orgasming I Have To Give Back

Some women are not comfortable remaining in a receptive state after having an orgasm and therefore feel obliged to ‘give back’.

#4 Long Orgasms Are Not Okay

Sometimes an orgasm becomes stronger the longer it lasts and some women have a subconscious fear that it’s ‘too much’ or they ‘can’t handle it’, so they make themselves snap out of it.

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Attitudes That Empower Your Orgasmic Potential


By changing your attitude towards your orgasm you can make the transition into expanded orgasmic statesI invite you to apply the following attitudes & notice how they can shift your orgasmic experience.

#1 Orgasm Is A State Of Being

An orgasm is a state of being, not just a momentary occurrence or peak.

#2 Orgasm Can Be Experienced All Over Your Body

An orgasm can be experienced as whole-body pleasure, not just localized to the genitals.

#3 Every Pleasure Is An Orgasmic Experience

Every small wave of pleasure is an orgasmic experience, like a mini-orgasm.

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7 Techniques To Extend Your Next Orgasm


Once you embody an orgasmic attitude, you can easily deepen your orgasms with a few simple techniques. These will enable you to expand and deepen the experience into an orgasmic state that engulfs your whole body with pleasure.

#1 Relax

This is so important. The more relaxed you are, the easier it is to become (and stay) aroused.

#2 Breathe

You can experiment with fast mouth breathing, full belly breathing and full retention. When you are holding a full breath in, send it down to your genitals.

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#3 Continuous sound

As you are starting to orgasm, take a deep breath and make a continuous ‘Aaaaaaaahhh’ sound. This is a way to stay focused and open the throat chakra.

#4 Movement

Create gentle convulsions through your spine, move your hips back and forth, side to side, in circles and bounce them on ground.

#5 Express Your Emotions

Many women don’t experience deep orgasms (and some don’t orgasm at all) because they suppress their emotions. Share what you are feeling.

#6 Focus On The Sensations

Some women lose their orgasm because their mind drifts away. Keep focusing on the sensations in your body, remembering that: where awareness goes, energy flows.

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#7 Ride the wave

See an orgasm like a wave in the ocean. Ride the wave of pleasure and stay on the wave in order to stay in the orgasm.

I hope these techniques will help you to dive deeper into the depth and potential of your pleasure. Trust that there is so much more to discover if only we start to explore the ocean.

By Eyal Matsliah | Featured Artists: Leopold Schmutzler | Edited by Annabel Fanning

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8 years ago

All articles really take an ether of heaven

Eyal Matsliah
8 years ago

Ladies, I’d love to hear how this is working for you and if you have any other questions.


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