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How To Talk Dirty Like A Poet

Dirty Talk

Stephanie Manis
The Author

About Me

Stephanie is a writer on topics as broad ranging as love, sex, travel, culture, health, food, tattoos, music, and more. Her work has appeared in a number of online websites, magazines and newspapers, and she is constantly seeking out new stories and angles to educate herself and others through her writing.

“Grab my hair like you grabbed my heart. Pull my hips closer to yours like the tides, and teach me why the moon floods the beach at midnight.”

Dirty Talk is an art. If you get it right it can be a game changer for your love life. Therefore in this article I’ll share with you 6 secrets to master the art of dirty talk.

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Okay..  let’s get it started..

#1 Start the Conversation

Before you start randomly throwing the f-bomb around, approach the topic with your partner to find out what their take on dirty talk is. Find out what their boundaries are and if there are any words or phrases that are off limits. Be sure that you are also very clear about what you want and don’t want.

#2 Practice Makes Perfect

If you are shy or nervous about how you will sound while you are with your partner, try having a go at talking dirty on your own. You can do it in front of the mirror, while masturbating, or even record yourself to find out what sounds right to you.

#3 Ease Into It


Test the waters by leaving sexy notes or text messages for each other. Tell your partner what turns you on the most about them, and try to ask for new things rather than demand (unless, of course, that’s what your partner is into).

During sex you can start with moaning or just saying straight up when something feels damn good. A simple ‘Oh my god that feels amazing’ goes a long way.

#4 Be Yourself

There is no point yelling obscenities like a porn star if you’re not actually into what’s going on at the moment. Be honest with your partner about what you like and don’t like, and remember that most people can sense a faker a mile away.

#5 Continue the Conversation

One of the best times to communicate with a lover is during the post-coital period because sex activates the bonding hormone oxytocin. At this point you should both be more open to talking about what worked or didn’t work, and what you would like to try the next time around.

#6 Have Fun With It!


Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself if something comes out sounding odd or you have a minor misunderstanding. After all, the whole point of dirty talk and sex in general is to be fun and enjoyable. And if it’s not enjoyable, then it’s not worth doing.

And before I let you go.. here’s a little something to warm you up..

“Grab my hair like you grabbed my heart, forcefully with your fists. Pull my hips closer to yours like the tides and teach me why the moon floods the beach at midnight. Remind me how to breathe by making me breathless. Don’t love me tenderly, love me reckless.”
By Stephanie Manis

Artist Featured: Thomas Saliot | Edited by Eda

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