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{Shut Up And Kiss Me} 7 Totally Unbelievable Facts About Kissing


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Dopamine is a hormone that gets released when enjoying a kiss and is also the same hormone that can be triggered by the drug, cocaine.

“Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.” – Einstein

And Mr Albert Einstein was right! A passionate kiss can speak louder than any words, in any language. It makes us feel uplifted, fulfilled and connected, through body, mind and spirit.

But did you know that there is actually scientific evidence behind why a passionate kiss is so beneficial for humans?

7 Totally Unbelievable But Scientific Facts About Kissing 

#1 A Kiss Transfers Vital Information

These days, a fiery kiss can actually transfer vital information to you about your kissing partner. It can help us choose a suitable mate, send chemical signals and help foster long-term relationships.

#2 Our Kissing Skills Start With Breastfeeding


Many scientists believe that the origins of a kiss come from breastfeeding. Breastfeeding can be both a source of sustenance and life as well as a pleasurable neurological experience.

When a mother is breastfeeding, it triggers the hormone oxytocin throughout our bodies, which is the hormone that makes us feel happy and alive.

When a child is breastfeeding, they are activating their obicularis oris, which is the muscle in the face that allows you to make that puckering movement with your lips, the same action you make when kissing.

Breastfeeding is an act in itself that promotes bonding between mother and child and in fact this bond can be so strong, that later in life, most people tend to tilt their heads to the right when leaning in for a kiss because studies have shown that most mothers breastfeed their children on the left side.

Another theory is that kissing originated from primate mothers who were passing along chewed food to their toothless babies. Sexy right?! 😀

#3 Kissing Sets Off A Display Of Fireworks In Your Body

Our lips are jam-packed with nerve endings and the skin on our lips is one of the thinnest on our bodies. So not only does a passionate kiss physically feel good, it also sends messages to a part of our brain that focuses on pleasure and rewards, setting off a display of fireworks.

#4 Kissing & Cocaine Release The Same Hormone: Dopamine


The brain plays a huge role in the science behind a passionate kiss as it emits many hormones that go racing around the body, making us feel so wonderful.

Dopamine is a hormone that gets released when enjoying a kiss and is also the same hormone that can be triggered by the drug, cocaine.

Epinephrine and norepinephrine are hormones that also get a little nudge, which causes our heart rate to speed up, sends oxygenated blood to our brains and causes our pupils to dilate.

And most importantly, studies have shown that embracing in regular passionate kisses can also help your body produce less of the hormone cortisol, which is a stress hormone. Get kissing people!

#5 Smell Plays A Huge Role In The Passion Of A Kiss

Now for the nose. In 1995, Swiss biological researcher, Claus Wedekind, ran an experiment known as the ‘sweat t-shirt study’. In this study, a group of men wore the same t-shirt for two days and the t-shirts were then put into identical boxes. A group of women were asked to smell the shirts and indicate which shirt smell they were most sexually attracted to.

As it turned out, the women were most attracted to men who had a different genetic make-up to their own. In this instance, it proves that smell plays a huge role in the passion of a kiss and that in a way, we can test compatibility through a kiss.

#6 You Can Kiss With Your Nose

Historically, one of our oldest references to kissing comes from Vedic Sanskrit text from 1500 BC. This text referenced a ‘sniff’ or ‘smell’ and in many cultures today, it is still the norm to ‘kiss’ with your nose.

Look at the Inuits; they kiss in what’s commonly called the ‘eskimo kiss’, rubbing nose upon nose.

#7 Kissing & The Power Of Your Eyes


They say the eyes are the gateway to the soul, which is the reason why they play a large part in the science behind a passionate kiss. In a way, the eyes set the mood for the brain to engage in passion and when we are caught up in a good old snog, our pupils actually dilate, perhaps causing us to close our eyes.

Whether it’s called making out, playing tonsil hockey, pecking, pashing or even ‘osculation’ (fancy word for kissing), don’t hold back! It’s a fact; a big fat kiss full of passion is awesome for you.

And By The Way.. Did You Know These Crazy Kissing Secrets?:


  • Engaging in at least three passionate kisses per day can double your metabolic rate!
  • Lips are more sensitive than our fingertips. In fact, we have more nerve endings in our lips than we do in our genitals
  • A passionate kiss uses all 34 muscles in the face
  • Kissing cleans your teeth! The saliva that the mouth produces when kissing can eat away at plaque
  • In 1995, a London couple locked lips for 31 hours, 30 minutes and 30 seconds, making it the longest kiss ever recorded in the world!
By Rahima Saikal

Artist Featured Image: William Adolphe Bouguereau

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Cal Sutherland
Cal Sutherland
8 years ago

#1 “These days…” but never before?

#4 …and many more pleasurable drugs, too

Also, these facts are entirely believable. “Unbelievable” appearing in the headline suggests either a lack of imagination or some classically stodgy hyperbole.

Thank you


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