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This Is What Supermodels Really Look Like In Unretouched Photos!


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Lover of Life, Love & Sensuality. Optimist. Believer. Natural Beauty Advocate. Minimalist. Living life outside the box; where the magic happens.

Just recently I posted this article about a so-called Plus-Size Supermodel (which did not look Plus-Size at all to many). The discussion amongst my readers became emotional – to say the least – and the article reached millions of women within hours.

Reason being so is that women all over the world are starting to question the standards media sets; they rebel to bring back naturalness and unsophistication; feminine beauty and strength wants to be unleashed in every way.

It is important for you to be here. It is important for you to see the following pictures and to spread them among your friends. You are now being part of a movement; a movement to help this planet heal from disturbing and morbid ideals; a movement to help the planet heal from the inside out.

This is what Supermodels used to look like:

Skinny Supermodels

And This is what Real Supermodels Look Like:

Aerie Real Supermodels

Let me introduce you to AERIE, American Eagles sister brand for lingerie. Just recently AERIE launched a new campaign. The intention of it can be summarized as following:

Aerie Real You

And this:

Aerie Real You

The most powerful attribute to this campaign is the fact that Aerie’s main target group is women between 15-21 years. Those are the years when most young women are about to find out who they are & what they stand for; it is the time when they are trying to get comfortable with their bodies. As studies have shown, young women are still easily influenced by what media dictates as standard. And you know best how the standard girl in lingerie advertisement used to look like. (see first picture above again) Well, not like the girl next door.

Imagine if all advertisement would look like the AERIE campaign: How would it change the perception of our bodies? How would it reshape the word “Perfection”? How much easier would it be for these young (and older women) to learn to accept and ultimately love themselves?

This Video Sums It Up Perfectly

These Are My Favorite AERIE Model Picks (and I am in love with the last one)


Aerie Real

#2 AERIE REAL PICK (notice her genuine smile in the middle)

Aerie Real

#3 AERIE REAL PICK (Awesome voluptous woman)

Aerie Real

#4 AERIE REAL PICK (Beautiful Sensual Woman With Small Breasts)

Aerie Real

#5 AERIE REAL PICK (All Shapes & Sizes)

Aerie Real

#6 AERIE REAL PICK (So loveable)

Aerie Real

#7 AERIE REAL PICK (Real personalities)

aerie real

#8 AERIE REAL PICK (Softly shaped bodies)


#9 This Is My Absolute AERIE REAL Favorite (She is simply gorgeous.. her smile, her boobs, her hair..)

We are all models, aren’t we?!

Aerie Real

Much love to you & your perfect body, Adina

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Join The Secret Sunday List & Get 1 FREE Actionable Secret Every Sunday.

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  • Eric

    Glad this kind of campaign exists. As a straight male, all of my life I’ve thought these kind of women are way healthier and sexier than the old standard. I bet they tend to feel more emotionally stable/happy/fulfilled too.


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