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Pray Before You Lay: How to Bring Sexy {and Holy} Back

“Sex is a sacred act that is Spiritual in nature. It is a silent form of worship.” What do prayer and sex have in common? A lot more than you may think. Whatever religion or belief system you follow, prayer is most likely a part of your spiritual practice. But what about ...Read More

How to Truly Satisfy a Woman: 5 Tips to Become Her Best Lover Everrrrrr!

“Techniques are important, but they’re nothing without a deeper understanding of women and what turns them on.” As one of the most influential driving forces of any living species, sex plays a huge part in our lives. It can be the cause of so much pleasure, motivation, and yes – even frustration. Besides the ...Read More

The Sacred Purpose Of Orgasm

Your scientists and doctors will tell you that an orgasm is a matter of blood and nerve endings. This physical explanation is not even the tip of the iceberg. Your orgasms take place in a realm that remains largely invisible to most of you. The following words have been channeled by a ...Read More

The Secret Power of Sex During the New Moon

  “Sex is a powerfully creative force. By its very nature, sexual energy and creative energy are one and the same.  And it’s even more powerful during the New Moon.” Since the beginning of time, humans have been following and honoring the different phases of the moon. Studies of the lunar cycle ...Read More

The 22 Diseases You Can Heal With Passionate Sex {Incredible!}

The infamous Woody Allen once said: “I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.” And oh boy was he right. It might not be new to you that sex can heal physical and mental diseases, but did you really know that sex can play an important role in the ...Read More

My 9 Unusal Secrets To Extremly {Beautiful & Healthy Breasts}

“Breast is nourishment is life is sun is round and warm and full. A simple drawing of a breast is the symbol for Sun, nourisher of all life. And life is sacred, so breasts are sacred, so women are sacred, holy, whole.”  Susun Weed I used to have not much of a ...Read More

The Magic Of Menopause (How Women Transform From Mother To Queen)

Just as a caterpillar dissolves to re-reform as a butterfly, you shape shift during menopause to transform from Mother to Queen, from being hormonally-sexual to being soul-sexual. And as you transform, you gain access your mature, full-bodied, feminine wisdom – that Wise Woman knowing you feel growing stronger and stronger. You turn ...Read More

How To Make Your Pussy Orgasmic

Your pussy is absolutely magnificent. Yes, she is. She is like a magician. She can make gold out of anything. She can be tight, hot and on fire or she can be relaxed, tired and ready for bed. She can be completely dry like the Sahara Desert or she can be as wet as the blue ...Read More

The Secret Power Of Your Period Revealed

The menstrual cycle is about womens’ energy and power; the power to be, to restore, to receive & to create. Throughout history different cultures attitudes towards menstruation and menstrual blood have varied. This has ranged from menstrual blood being viewed as sacred, healing and powerful, to being feared as dangerous and unclean. ...Read More

The Secret To Mind-Blowing Orgasms FOR MEN

This method will teach you how to provoke harder erections, increase staying power and give amazing and powerful mind-blowing orgasms for men. The following article might be challenging to some of you, others might already know of this secret and some few are totally in love with it. I’ve tried this secret ...Read More

I Love This: 4 Steps How To Get a Nipple Orgasm

When your lover is playing with your nipples the same region of the brain will be stimulated as when your clitoral, vaginal or cervical area is been stimulated and that is how you can acchieve a nipple orgasm. I gotta be honest with you: I havn’t had one… yet. But I was ...Read More

The 7 Magical Powers Of Oral Sex {.. Innncreeedible :}

“It may sound odd at first that oral sex can be a woman’s portal to realizing not only her spirituality but also the very force that retards her aging process.” This following article looks into the amazing healing benefits of oral sex on the physical body. It is an excerpt from this ...Read More