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Dear Woman’s Breasts…

About Me

A self professed Artist, Mystic and Poetess, Hoda Fadel breathes to touch the wordless with her brushes, words and being. Hoda leads sound infused Meditative journeys and has earned her Reiki Mastership in its various schools Usui/ tibetan and Tera Mai. She curates workshops and events in Lebanon and Bali exploring innovation, bio-regenesis healing, existentialism, metaphysics, transpersonal living and the human condition.

I apologize on behalf of every man who has treated you as less than the jewel that you really are.

For the man shackled by his own internal battles, defeated by his self-knowing impotence, and for every grown toddler stuck in his driven purely by his territorial tendencies.

I apologise on behalf of every woman who has believed you are the reason of this distortion; for loathing you, for alienating herself from you, for numbing herself from her pleasurable dimensions by mistaking abuse-avoidance with self-avoidance, for belittling your substantial multi-dimensionality, and for every woman that has desensitize herself to the pleasure of your existence.

I apologize on behalf of every woman who has treated you as any less than the very reflection of her Goddess-self.

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I apologize for hiding you behind my clothes.

For caging you in an armored bra, shielding you from the truth of mankind (with its uncontrollable cravings and impulses) and for favoring the feigned safety of clothing while some distortions remain savage.

I apologise on behalf of every human for being fixated on your physicality.

Too big? Too small? Too saggy? Too oddly shaped? Forgetting that you were never lacking fullness when you carried the food for our soul, the life-giving, life-nourishing elixir. When a breast is sucked, the womb contracts, secretion flows and so does life.

I apologise for our rigidity while all you’ve shown us is exquisite fluidity.

I’m grateful that you hold my polarity intact, pouring magnetism within me, the finer streams of sexual lust between man and woman.

Your comfort brings a lover home in a moment of solace.

I apologize for forgetting that you are the portal to self-intimacy, bridging the genitals to the heart.

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The pathway to the divine is encoded in your tissues.

I’m grateful for the many ways you sustain life, connecting the baby to the feminine spirit, providing an auditory access to the heart’s drumming symphonies of God-music, and provide the basis for me to give and receive unconditional love, which you hold so beautifully on this heart- severed planet.

❤️ Yours, Hoda Fadel


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