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She: The Sexually Empowered Woman

Emily Balivet

About Me

Leyolah Antara is passionate about helping women cultivate their own sexual creative energy for personal awakening & reconnection with their own unique expression of feminine soul. Evolutionary guide and coach, wild woman, author, mother, lover, poet, intuitive healer, producer, performance artist and founder of Kundalini Dance™, an tantric embodiment practice, Leyolah trains facilitators and offers retreats all over the world.

When she feels she does it with the courage of a lioness.

She is sensual, grounded and connected to her own source of power.

She walks with the confidence and grace of a sexually sovereign woman, connected to the well of Divine.

She does not look for a man to complete her, she is whole woman, she is already complete.

She is opening to a new way of loving him, her lover, her man, because now she loves herself.

She is free because she remembers he is not her source of love, she knows the Divine is her source.

She is shameless, she loves her body as it is, her voluptuous curves, her full breasts.

She cherishes her soft belly and womb as a source of her Shakti.

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Emily Balivet

Her body is her temple a vessel for divine, she nurtures and oils her body and moves her body into ecstasy daily.

She is a womb – centered woman and lives guided by her instinctual knowing.

She is a deeply feeling woman, she remembers her vulnerability is her strength and her love is her power.

She has made friends with her wounded self, as she embraces her shadow as well as her light.

When he triggers her wounds she does not blame him or look to him to save or fix her – she remembers and prays to the Divine Mother to help her feel and hold her while she feels through her pain.

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Emily Balivet

When she feels she does it with the courage of a lioness, and feels for herself and the good of her whole family line.

He has claimed her and she has surrendered her heart and body open to him yet she will not be owned or possessed and knows she does not own or possess him.

She is learning to love in ways that he feels free.

When she embraces him her palms are open and her arms are like wings, she no longer falls in love, she flies, she rises in love.

When they make love, she calls the Divine into their union, and she embraces him as her beloved.

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Emily Balivet

She embodies her divine feline, and lets her wild Shakti come alive, with raw passion and presence she meets her man in his primal edge.

She knows how to harness their fire with her breath and she surrenders into her heart where she embraces all expressions of the sexual fire and becomes one with him and one with all.

When they make love after a time, there hearts and bodies melt, the tightness in the solar plexus softens and they let go into the sea of ecstatic orgasmic bliss.

There is no more separation, no more she and no more he, their bodies a vessel for the sacred trinity, He, She and God makes three.

The past is dissolved in the sea of love…

She loves him, she trusts him, she forgives him. He loves her, he trusts her, he forgives her.

They love life, they trust life… ॐ

By Leyolah Antara | Featured Artist: Emily Balivet

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kakyuu nuu
kakyuu nuu
8 years ago

“She is shameless, she loves her body as it is, her voluptuous curves, her full breasts.”

except not every woman looks like this, and we would be wise to not assume that the ” sexually empowered woman” fits this very narrow physical ideal.

Leyolah Antara
8 years ago
Reply to  kakyuu nuu

As the full breasted voluptuous woman who wrote this piece, I was responding to the cultural fat shaming that has affected me. We get the, skinny is beautiful.. tight taught, trim is sexy, message predominantly in western culture…so i was just speaking from my own voice, writing for my own empowerment.

It was my way of poetically saying be proud of what you got even if it isn;t the cultural version of beauty and YES.. all bodies are beautiful.. lets love ourselves as we are.

Your point taken though,if i would write it again i would add a few more body type descriptions so as not to seem one sided..


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