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6 Things An Evolved Woman Wants From A Man


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Chelsie Diadhiou is a New York based writer, editor, and mother on a mission to inspire women to use their innate power to consciously create dynamic lives. From motherhood and sexuality, to lifestyle and culture, she explores various themes in her quest to stimulate thought provoking discussion about what it means to be a woman in today’s world. Her philosophy is that everything a woman does must come from a space deep within.

“An evolved woman wants a man who is ready to grow with her.”

We have come a long way since the days of our grandmothers.

For these women, marriage and family were the primary goals in life and they often settled for the first man that came along.

Nowadays, women want more out of life – and love!

Over the last few generations, women have made great strides in the world, including their careers and their relationships.

The women’s liberation movement sought to level the playing field in the work place and society in general. As a result, today women are confidently handling both their finances and matters of the heart!

“No longer are we content to settle when it comes to the kind of relationships we desire..”

..nor are we willing to stay in relationships where we are unhappy.

I guess you could say we have evolved!

6 Things A Highly Evolved Woman Wants From A Man


So let’s explore what an evolved woman wants from a man.

#1 She Wants Him To Be Confident

An evolved woman wants a man whose power is sourced from within, and who relies only on his own merits and has confidence in his innate gifts.

“She is not impressed by his fancy clothes, flashy car, or the number of zeros in his bank account.”

Some men confuse confidence with cockiness and arrogance, but that is actually a turn off for an evolved woman.

What turns her all the way on is a man who is sure of himself and his abilities, and is grounded in his Divine masculine power!

“Nothing is sexier and more of a turn on to a conscious, evolved woman than a truly confident man.”

What moves her most is his warrior Spirit!

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#2 She Wants Him To Be Passionate About Life


An evolved woman wants her man to have a life outside of their relationship. The more pleasure he experiences in his life, the more pleasure he will naturally bring to their relationship!

“An evolved woman is turned on by a man who loves the life he lives.”

She does not want him to seek happiness in her, but to create his own life of bliss. She wants him to be just as excited about his life without her as he is with the life they share.

“Passion in life is directly linked to passion in bed!”

Not only does she support him having a life of his own, she actually encourages it because she knows that he will bring that same excitement and passion to their relationship… and to the bedroom!

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#3 She Wants His Whole Heart

The path to intimacy begins in the heart, and that requires surrender to vulnerability.

“An evolved woman wants a man who understands that intimacy is more than just sex.”

In order to truly love a man, a woman must feel and know his heart.

This can be an issue because boys are often raised to see vulnerability as a weakness (nothing could be further from the truth).

As a result, they grow up to become men who guard their hearts, closing them off from experiencing full and deep intimacy.

Vulnerability requires a great deal of courage (a masculine attribute), which comes from the Latin word ‘cor,’ meaning heart. Contrary to popular belief, the courage to live (and act) from the heart is a sign of bravery and masculinity.

And there is nothing an evolved woman loves more than a masculine man!

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#4 She Wants Him To Honor Her Feminine Wisdom


Feminine energy is a misunderstood (yet powerful) resource for both women and men. Due to centuries of mis-education, the true role of the feminine in the world has been close to forgotten.

For far too long, women’s opinions and voices have gone mostly unheard, and their innate wisdom unrecognized.

Fortunately, many women today are reconnecting with their feminine nature, and aligning with their innate gifts. Even men are being re-educated on the strength and importance of feminine energy!

“There is a power and a presence in a woman that is connected to her femininity. And she desires a man that recognizes, honors, and respects that power.”

She wants his support and encouragement as she develops into the fullest expression of her feminine energy.

An evolved woman wants a man who is not only unafraid of the power of her feminine wisdom, but welcomes it (knowing that he too will benefit from it)!

#5  She Wants Him To Surrender

This is a tricky one for men. By nature, most men are guarded, as this is one of many attributes of masculine energy.

They are guarded by a psychological kind of armor – necessary for war, not love.

“An evolved woman wants a man who isn’t afraid to let his guard down and leave his armor on the battlefield when he is with her.”

In order to truly connect, one must be willing to surrender – not to the other person, but to love itself.

For the evolved woman, the only kind of man for her is a soldier of love!

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#6 She Wants Him Committed – To Himself And To Her


Most women want a commitment. However, the key to a lasting commitment is, first and foremost, a commitment to oneself. A consciously evolved woman wants a man who isn’t afraid to commit – to life or to love.

“A commitment to his own growth and evolution ensures that he will support and encourage hers.

She wants a man who is committed first to himself, then to her!

She Wants To Evolve With Her Man

Personal growth and self-development are of primary importance to an evolved woman. She seeks to grow mentally, spiritually, and personally – in life and in love – and she wants a partner who is ready to grow alongside her.

What her heart desires most is an equally evolved man.

What an evolved woman wants most of all is to continue to evolve – with her man.

By Chelsie Diadhiou | Featured Artist: Rolf Armstrong

This article is written as a response to 6 Things An Evolved Man Wants From A Woman. Don’t miss out on it!

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Margaret Crasher
8 years ago

This woman has no idea that that Women’s Lib “Movement” was a put-on by the Jew… FACT. The ONLY REASON that “they” (the Jew) wanted women to work, was so that they could TAX THEM, as well as the male (being that women made up over 50% of the pop.) Oh, and how could I forget — they wanted to break up the family as well; all by design… And it has worked – like a charm… The women THINK that they are helping out, but all it did was take away jobs and drive down wages for men. No, I do not think that women should not have an “opportunity,” but there was nothing wrong with the way things were – i.e. kids staying home with Mom to learn at least some moral values of which there are almost none of in 2015. You wouldn’t have to go to work if the Jew didn’t kill unions, drive down man’s wages, weren’t screwed over like after NAFTA and GATT were signed… and took away ALL “moral values” that families used to have (because the mother was at home and not commuting…) The Jew is CONTINUING to divide us all by having these staged shootings and terror hoaxes, using more and more robots and computers to make things – (not to mention China!!!!!!!!) and making ridiculous “news events” out of nothing – i.e. that Bruce Jenner – or whatever he/she wants to call himself… That’s not news – that’s propaganda and all that they are doing is dehumanizing males – and giving complete control to the woman in the Western world (which is nothing more than an absolute circus…….) If there really is a God? Let’s hope that He resets this thing because technology and everything is changing way, way, way too fast that people don’t even know what’s real or fake anymore… I compare it to what happened to the indigenous people of North America: They, as well as their food, was murdered and they were left with almost nothing. Fast Forward to today? Don’t think that the Jew cares about women anymore than it does about men! It doesn’t!!! Their only intention is to CONQUER everyone and everything — and what happened to men, will one day happen to women – with the advent of computers in this ridiculous technocracy… The Jew does NOT care. That’s why it bleeds the U.S. dry of everything – going back to when they sank the Titanic (then lied about it) – then had a holohoax (and keep lying about it) then pulled a 9/11, then lied about it.. Oh, there is so much more to this than meets the eye.

8 years ago

While I agree with most, an evolved woman understands that she has her own path, and that she must grow herself. Evolving “with her man” means evolving in someone else’s direction and that is not healthy. Spiritually speaking, we must evolve in our own direction, we cannot evolve together. An evolved woman would be focused on evolving, and accept that another human can join her on the path only as long as they are going in the same direction. She would also accept that no one can ever stay on her path forever. She knows that at some point she must let go, in order to keep evolving.

Men seem to understand this almost inherently. I have always noticed, that this is something women cannot accept. And they hurt when the other person is finished growing in their direction. In desperation to save the relationship, they try following his path instead, but this is how they lose themselves.

8 years ago
Reply to  godiva100

Evolving “with her man” Means parallel personal growth and progression. There are people who progress parallel each other and this does not necessarily mean it will end eventually unless paths choose different directions which may or may not happen. Like Chelsie has said, an evolved woman wants an equally evolved man which means they do not complete each other but rather progress together; parallel each other. when you are talking about the women who cannot accept a man going in a different direction of growth, you are not speaking of an evolved woman. Evolved women choose their progression above a relationship. Evolved women don’t need the man and they do not become desperate. Evolved women do not loose themselves. Evolved women are whole and complete without a man but also enjoy the presence of a man in their life if it allows her progression and he progresses parallel to her. (basically if he does not hold her back)

Because you said, “Men seem to understand this almost inherently” Im assuming you are possibly male and have not yet found an evolved woman (or possibly you may not even know what that means) because I, being female, could argue the opposite. You may be confusing disconnection with evolved. Disconnection is not healthy, desperation is not healthy and both are signs of an individual NOT being evolved. I do know there are evolved men out there and I also know there are evolved women out there but an evolved individual can be hard to find in this world. The trick is to progress to the point that you attract an individual of parallel growth and progression into your life. Because you don’t feel sad when you say goodbye to a lover does not mean you are evolved. It is healthy for two evolved individuals to both be sad when their personal progression leads them in different directions. Both lovers, if evolved, will understand the importance to separate to go in their personal directions. If you don’t feel sad at all you are most likely disconnected NOT evolved and if the girl gets desperate to keep the relationship alive when it needs to move on, she is not evolved.

Evolved relationship means two whole and complete individuals who NEED absolutely nothing from the other person but rather enjoys having the other person in their life and find gratitude for the sweet gifts their lover adds to their life. Evolved relationship is not based on needs, desperation or lack of emotion. An evolved individual fills their own needs themselves and does not depend on another person to do that for them.

kakyuu nuu
kakyuu nuu
8 years ago

“And there is nothing an evolved woman loves more than a masculine man!”

my only quibble with this article – evolved women are apparently only very heteronormative and straight? truly evolved people respect and delight in all expressions of gender, not just the ones that narrowly fit into society’s stereotypical gender ideals.

8 years ago
Reply to  kakyuu nuu

For females who have found that their attraction is not toward males can replace the words with the words that personally fit them. As a heterosexual I appreciate this post and this entire blog; it speaks to me. I would rather it not be changed at all, NOT because I don’t appreciate gays but because I love the beautiful words that I can relate to and I am sure you are just looking for the same thing. Instead of changing it for us, find or start a blog for homosexuals. This blog is focused more toward the heterosexuals not because they want to exclude homosexuals but because it is a heterosexual blog written by heterosexuals for heterosexuals (at least for the most part). Don’t expect a heterosexual to understand what its like for a homosexual and don’t expect them to write in the colors of homosexual. We are beautifully different and that is not bad! 🙂


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