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Why Prostitutes Should Rule The World


About Me

Anaiya Sophia is a wellspring of both wisdom and experience and is known for her role in birthing New Paradigm Relationships and Sacred Sexuality. Her unyielding passion is to help people transition from co-dependent relationships into a thriving sacred union based on Love, Truth and Freedom. Her books include: Open your Heart with Kundalini Yoga, Pilgrimage of Love, Womb Wisdom, Sacred Sexual Union, The Rose Knight and Divinized Sexuality: The Birth of the Divine Human through Sacred Relationship. Anaiya lives in Southern France, where she runs a B & B.

Once upon a time sexual women ruled the world. They were independent, empowered and embodied love.

Their energy flowed through every crevice of the earth with the capacity to heal and restore.

These women were Sacred Prostitutes, and it’s time they were reawakened.

The History of the Sacred Prostitute

In ancient Sumeria, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece, there were no brothels. Instead there were Temples of the Sacred Prostitutes inhabited by holy women who embodied love, owned their sexuality, and held the highest spiritual authority.

These women were known as Priestesses, or Sacred Prostitutes.

Within those Temples men were cleansed of battle scars and nourished with divine sexuality.

A common practice that took place in the Temple was called “Taking the War out of Man”.

Upon returning from war, men were invited to pass through the Temple doors. The Priestess would bathe, soothe and knead their physical, emotional and spiritual wounds.

She would expand her magnetic field to absorb all of his wounded energy, literally drawing the effects of war from his system. Through the power of her energy, and purity of her femininity, she would gently and tenderly love him back to wholeness.

These Women Were The Original Sexual Healers


The Priestess was luminous and, because of her power, purity, and willingness to love with her entire body and soul, she enabled man to reconnect with both himself and higher forces through pleasure and prayer.

Within society, and to the families of the men she served, she was not seen as a threat. On the contrary..

the Sexual Priestess was regarded as holy and celebrated for her sexuality.

Men entered the Temple with the full permission and blessing of their families, and emerged cleansed of the nightmare of war. This process was a natural and essential part of life.

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The Suppression of the Sacred Prostitute


The Sacred Prostitute was not shamed, viewed as a victim, or “forced into prostitution.” She willingly took the office of Priestess, and acted from an empowered place of service.

Not everyone saw it this way.

The Biblical Patriarchs saw the practices and beliefs of the Priestesses as immoral. As a result, as the Patriarchs came to rule the world, Priests systematically replaced Priestesses as intermediaries between men and ‘God’.

Where the world of the Sacred Prostitute considered love, kindness and sensuality as necessary elements to maintain healthy balance – the world absent of her presence became secularized, impersonal, and detached.

To restore balance, our own vitality and capacity for joy, we need to reawaken the Sacred Prostitute and reinstate her to her rightful place.

She reminds us of how human sexuality is directly related to a well-balanced sense of self, and how bodily pleasure should be both sought and celebrated.

This realisation has the potential to restore both society and the people within it.

How We Can Reawaken Holy Sexual Women

The Sacred Prostitute has laid dormant for thousands of years. Reawakening her won’t be easy, but by taking these steps we can work towards an existence where female sexuality and its inherent goodness is again central to humanity’s physical and spiritual well-being:

#1 Have a conversation about sexuality’s capacity to heal.

#2 Make a decision to consciously celebrate the sacredness of self.

#3 Embark on a sexual healing journey that includes attention to relational intimacy.

By Anaiya Sophia

Featured Artist: Adrien Henri Tanoux | Edited by Bailey


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  • Sheila

    Why didnt this help to stop war before it ever started?
    That, to me, would have been ideal.

  • zenofwp

    “The Woman Who Slept With Men to Take the War Out of Them” by Deena Metzger

  • Dan Leon

    The bankers create this situation because it helps them keep control of the world as they set up their next system; The Banker Men are not to be trusted, even if they are supplying easy jobs of promoting propaganda that furthers the current corporate agendas of the world; The bankers have historically proved they have no loyalty to men or women; Please learn how to research history, including the world outside of the bankers artificial system that can create such situations as this article describes; Indigenous sovereign people would have perished; It takes the bankers slave system to create a caste system where women can be prostitutes.

  • Dan Leon

    The bankers create this situation because it helps them keep control of the world as they set up their next system; The Banker Men are not to be trusted, even if they are supplying easy jobs of promoting propaganda that furthers the current corporate agendas of the world; The bankers have historically proved they have no loyalty to men or women; Please learn how to research history, including the world outside of the bankers artificial system that can create such situations as this article describes; Indigenous sovereign people would have perished; It takes the bankers slave system to create a caste system where women can be prostitutes.

  • Sex is something that is meant to be personal, and sacred. There is nothing sacred about prostitution, the act of selling one’s self, one’s body, one’s dignity.

    • Robert Lalonde

      you totally missed the point..

    • Scooter Cat

      Jesse, ‘meant to be’ is a very dangerous game. It falls in line with ‘should be’ and ‘is suppose to be’ which is your ego speaking. It’s reflecting on wrongs and rights which are ultimately subjective. You say sex is personal and prostitution is anything but sacred –can’t you understand that anything can be sacred because sacredness, itself, is personal? Have you looked into sexual shamanism? I have witnessed extremely personal and potent healing sessions through sex, none of which I was paid for, however I would gladly be reimbursed. After all, sex, for many, is in union with therapy and release. We pay therapists $100 a session don’t we? I encourage you to question your ignorant statement above and maybe realize that dignity is the last thing lost through building a sexual relationship. Prostitutes do this with their clients and some relationships last even 15 years, as they are healthy and respected. There is so much slut shaming in this world please stop adding to the misogyny. Sex is not meant to be anything but all the things it is — just like anything else. Have a good week.

  • If anyone would like to ‘feel’ the energies of the Sacred Prostitute – perhaps you would be interested in receiving this spoken audio ‘story” http://anaiyasophia.com/gospel-of-mary/embodying-the-sacred-prostitute

  • jlcmom

    This makes me think about Mary Magdalene being called a prostitute….hmmm….


    Yes, the sacred prostitute was highly revered in Biblical times. She was so powerful that she was the number reason men would lose their faith in God – she encouraged them to abandon their faith in God and worship her and/or her sexual energy. But women of that time were also concubines and a wives who shared this title (wife) with other women of their household. I’m very happy its not that way anymore. To me, all those roles indicate the experience of objectification for the purpose of sex or children – not for love. I personally feel that a woman is degraded by living her life in the service of men and their sexual desires. What about her sexual desires and needs?? A woman needs to be loved and cherished loyally and relationally. She should never be seen as a mere object for sex. She is much more than that. And when a woman is embraced and cherished as more than a sexual tool, her heart can fully blossom – along with her sexuality. I accept and embrace my feminine side, and have taken large measures to maintain Her inside me. I still respect and revere the feminine in myself and am opening to the reality of the divine feminine aspect of God. I believe my sexuality is sacred and holy but it took lots of learning to get to that point. I fully embrace the fact that sex with me is a healing act for whatever man I choose to be with. However, I no longer do myself a disservice by offering this potent elixir to men who do not or cannot appreciate it. I took the time to find a man who would recognize my gifts and appreciate them fully. I took the time to weed out the men who could not or would not respect me as a beautiful, healing, prize of lifelong appeal. I think what women want in regards to sacred prostitution is power. Women have tremendous sexual power over men. This is a sacred power which needs to be utilized in love, not for stoking the fires of our ego. At the same time, I enjoy reading about the sacred prostitute. I enjoy hearing about her. I enjoy imagining her and even embodying some of the principles she represents. My biggest boundary with the sacred prostitute, however, is the relational boundary. In other words, I am like a sacred prostitute for one man only – my husband. Why? Because he is the only man who has proven his deep and passionate love for me. Not just lust, not just infatuation. Not just adoration and worship, but abiding love that I can embrace and accept. A woman is not a receptacle to be used for any man. She must keep herself for the one man who can open her heart and has proven he will care for her and love her for the rest of their lives – not just for a night or two. From this foundation, sexuality can blossom in the way it was meant to.

    • DAC

      You should consider researching this a bit more. Mary Magdalene was a very prominent, strong and powerful woman. She was a sacred prostitute and Jesus was very aware of it. She was also married to Jesus. He loved and respected her and she did NOT ever encourage Jesus to abandon God and worship her. They both held strong to their faith in God together. Jesus knew Mary’s role as a healer…It had absolutely nothing to do with lust or power..Women are supposed to open the mans heart, not the opposite way you described. Most men do not know how to love as women do. Women were given the greatest gift of love to share and nurture. These women were not just seen as just sex objects..The balance in the world was lost because of your way of thinking….It will continue until the women step back into their roles of sacred healers…The potent elixir was given to men that truly appreciated it and were healed from it…Maybe you just chose the wrong men to share it with……Try researching “bena”. Go to a library because you probably won’t find enough information on the internet. …….There is no greater divine love then the love Jesus and Mary shared…….

    • Robert Lalonde

      the goal of the sacred prostitute is direct union with god…very powerful spiritual technics, faith in god in a religious sense is a thought and an idea and ironically is the furthest thing away from god…there is no spirit as long as the ego or sense os self exists, so by breaking barriers not creating stronger ones union with god becomes more possible, separation is living in fear and duality god is one and all no fear and no separation

  • Zmain

    Sex is the most powerful force there is on earth it creates life
    Why is all the articles on this site is written by women?

  • Thank you for all your feedback…. I have been asked to wrote more for My Tiny Secrets… so stay tuned x

  • MacK

    I politely and respectfully have to disagree with this. Sex is a big deal. Actually Sex is a HUGE deal. Yes, sex can be healing, nurturing, and pleasure full. That is why we have to protect it, and make sure that it is not misused. When men and women are reduced to think their only worth in life is sex(prostitution) it creates problems in their lives. Sex via prostitution is about both sides of the spectrum. Abuse, sex trafficking, and human slavery is a rapidly increasing issue in our world, why should we try to glamorize it? Interested to hear your feedback. Thanks

    • Robert Lalonde

      sex for gratification or sex to find away within to feel more and be more profoundly present, is totally opposite things…also sex has always been a way to control people with shame and morals and the idea of right and wrong..using sex for liberation can be tool to deprogram yourself to break free of the herd mentality

  • GT

    My Girlfriend/Fiance just broke up with me because of your article! She said “I want to restore balance, and my own vitality and capacity for joy, and to reawaken my Sacred Prostitute so I can reinstate it in me so I can be in my rightful place! Thanks

  • ✨CB✨


  • Jonathan

    This is brilliant. While I have read much of this before – it is nicely put with a call to action. I am writing because after reading Cal’s post I had to say something here. As a man you are bored? Do you have any idea the power that is available in this? This is something my lover and I just did this am. By “war” this can mean something as simple as daily work. For me it was deeper – I came home wounded by some stuff through the day and my lover intentionally nursed me back to health. Women have so much more of this power available to them than men – well at least different. Youre question “not for men?” – I’m sorry, you seem to have missed one of the most important parts of the whole article! And when you get healed back up then you are in a much better place to give back to her and it becomes a beautiful energetic circle.

  • JJ Roberts

    Not possible under Sex 2.0

    Under 3.0, possiible.

  • MJ Sheridan

    I was just thinking, with today’s society men and women go to war, it would be good to have this service provided by each sex for each sex and for each other ie man-woman, woman-man, man-man, woman-woman. I really think it is about time sex STOPPED being shamed, and this has been bought up a lot recently in my own life. I would love nothing more than for people to see sex for the wonderful thing it is, in all it’s glory! It really does help heal your wounds :):) Thanks for this xx

  • andrealovejones

    I love this and feel like I’ve been doing this work over the last year. So many things I want to say regarding this, but don’t know where to begin. Thank you for the article!

  • Jessie I have loads of resources and historical references – its all in my latest book, Divine Relationship: Birthing the New Paradigm out next Spring x

  • Hi Jessie – yes I have plenty of resources, and its all going into my next book, Divine Relationship: Birthing the New Paradigm out next spiring x

  • Jessie

    I really like the idea, but I wish there were resources or references of some kind. If not, it’s just a nice story. I love the idea and am into it, but it’s like preaching to the choir with me. Are there any documented cases of civilizations that actively embraced this idea?

    • M.C. Otter

      Epic of Gilgamesh. The first book ever written.

  • Cal Sutherland

    Righteous. As a man, though, this bores me. I would not seek out such treatment but would rather provide it. Not for men? Eh, well, then that is why I have little respect for traditions of any age.


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