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Your Pussy’s Best Kept Secret (Warning: This Might Freak You Out)


About Me

Elise Savaresse is a Conscious Sexuality Coach, she is also the creator of The Self Pleasure Revolution which is a movement that support women let go of any fear, guilt and shame around their own sexuality. She is passionate about living the juiciest life ever and helping women reconnect with themselves and with the deeper knowing that lay in their body is one of her greatest joy. She loves exploring the frontier of her own body and together with women unravelling the wisdom of the divine feminine.

“It all happened when I was lying in a warm bath; one hand rested on my heart and one hand over my pussy…”

I had been doing this for a couple of months. I wanted to connect with her; to discover her secrets.

On that day though something strange happened..

Warning it might freak you out but the truth needs to be revealed!

The energy shifted within my pelvis area; it was like a switch went on..

My hand started moving.


The skin of my pubic mound actually started moving my hand so that my finger came closer to my opening..

I did not even know at that time that this was possible.

Then, slowly and gently, my lips started wrapping themselves around my finger and within 10 to 15 minutes my finger was resting on my sacred spot and I hadn’t consciously moved anything.

I was totally stunned. I had never experienced something like that. I did not even know it was possible.

Isn’t our pussy just a space? A part of our body that .. yes.. gives us pleasure?

But then, what was this? What was going on? What did that mean?

As I was sitting there, my hand over her, I felt like I was patting some kind of very wise and knowledgeable being.

Yes, I know it may sound weird, but that’s exactly how I felt.

This was the day that my relationship to my pussy changed forever..

I realised she was a wild and wise creature.

I had lots of questions running through my head like..

Why is no one talking about this? How come I did not know that?

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Every Woman Ought To Know This..


As I started sharing my experience women after women were stunned; some of them freaked out.

I realised how disconnected we women are to our pussy and its incredible potential.

What I have found is that the more I connect with her, the more I feel connected to myself and to all that is.

Our pussy truly is our gateway to the secrets of the universe.

Loving her has impacted so much in the way that I relate to myself in general.

The more love and respect I have for her, the more love and respect I have for myself.

3 Tips To Connect With Your Pussy


There is much for you to discover if you start exploring and developing a relationship with your pussy. So allow me to share with you some tips to creating a healthy relationship for her to awaken.

#1 Ask Her How She Is Feeling & What She Wants

Rest one hand on your heart and one hand over your pussy.

Take some time to come into your body, use your breath and relax.

Breath into your heart and open.

Slowly start going down, breath into your belly and relax even more.

Now breath into your pussy, totally relax and ask her:

How are you feeling? What do you want from me? 

And listen.

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#2 Have Nothing & Nobody Enter Her When She Is Not Ready


Make this a rule for yourself. It will change your life.

Listen to her cues, listen to her yearning.

Our body never lies, if she doesn’t want to open, it is for a very good reason.

If you give her enough time when connecting with a man, she will actually draw him in, she will suck him right in!

That’s right: She can be a hungry wild beast, when she has been given enough time to wake up and yearn.

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#3 Connect with Her Without a Goal or an Agenda

Just connect with her. Rest your hand over her and breath into her.

She has probably had years of not being heard; of being abused not only by others but also by you.

We have been taught from a very early age not to connect with this part of our body. So be compassionate with yourself and her. You just did not know better.

All she needs is your love and presence.

Once she feels safe enough, she will awaken again and start playing with you.

By Elise Savaresse | Featured Artist: Robert Auer

Maybe this video helps you to better connect with your flower:

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Ara Momjian
Ara Momjian
8 years ago

Like usual, interesting, informative and enlightening. Keep it coming ,,., 🙂

8 years ago

WOW! what a new fun fact I just discovered! Thank you so much for this article I CAN NOT wait to start these three exercises. I mean your telling me my yoni and I are physically connected but not emotionally or spiritually, or even mindfully? This is insane she should be my bestie!!!!

Vision Development Expert
Reply to  Maria

I love how you put that Maria! Yes, our bestie!


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