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Bye Bye Painful Periods! 7 Magical Ways To Relieve Menstrual Cramps FOR GOOD

About Me

Naia is a passionate pioneer in reestablishing feminine leadership in the world. Her work is centralized around reclaiming the passion, power and pleasure of womanhood. Naia's transformative coaching and workshops reawaken the remembrance of our Divine beauty and power as women, sprouting from a foundation of our inherent sisterhood.

A woman’s cycle is the epitome of her womanhood, and feminine expression.

PMS, or Premenstrual Syndrome, have gotten a bad rap. But what is the real story behind this bitchy mystery called PMS?

There are varying contributing factors such as diet and hormone imbalances, but there is one major cause to PMS that has not much been acknowledged.

We live in a patriarchal world, driven by masculine values. Our culture is non-stop thinking, doing, and going. We are competing, fighting to prove ourselves, striving to make ends meet, and trying to figure it all out.

We are submerged in a masculine-based system, and because of that, women have put their very own nature aside, in order to adapt for their success and survival in a culture that over-values the masculine and under-values the feminine.

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Why Your Period Is Magic

A woman’s cycle is the epitome of her womanhood, and feminine expression. Before and during our Moon cycle/or period, we are at our most sensitive and receptive state. We are open conduits, and feel most deeply at this time… which contrary to what you were taught, is a good thing.

We are taught to plug it up, act happy and keep going: go to work, take care of the kids, please the husband, etc.

What we weren’t taught, was that ancient and tribal cultures revered a woman’s ability to create life.

Women were honored for their intuition, wisdom and creativity. They honored feminine cycle as a sacred time to receive valuable insights and creative ideas that would lead the community.

They knew that at the time of the cycle, the veils are thinnest, and that women are built to receive this intuitive wisdom.

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They knew that the cycle was and is the time for reflection, a time to shed all that doesn’t serve us any more (as the womb sheds its walls), it is a time to rest and rejuvenate the body, receive spiritual insights and creative inspirations.

There were sanctuary spaces, such as Red Tents, for women to be only with other women, to be nurtured, and to rest and receive.

Embrace Your Pain & Bitchiness

The reason why women today get so bitchy, before and during their period, is because we were built to be women – not men.

Whether our minds admit it or not.

Before and during the cycle our bullshit meter is on high because we are extra intuitive. This is a good thing and because of this, the things we disliked are impossible to tolerate.

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The body and soul are asking for space, a break, stillness to connect with ourselves for once. A moment to be a woman. Some silence to receive guidance, creative inspiration, and to feel.

To feel our earthly and spiritual roots. At this time we feel the emotions of the earth and the collective and the injustice that exists. This is an honor, and if we let it, it drives our purpose in the world. This is what replenishes us, and drives our focus for the rest of the month if we allow it.

Let’s not forget that we are bleeding non-stop for days on end. It is kind of a big deal.

This is why it is up to us to learn about our bodies, educate the people around us, speak our needs and create a new way together.

7 Magical Ways To Relieve Menstrual Pain For Good

#1 Make alone time

Do what you have to do to create stillness and solitude for yourself. Create some sanctuary space and decorate it the way you like. Push past any limiting beliefs around lack of worthiness or permission to do this, it is your birthright as a woman.

#2 Create

Listen to what inspires you and go with it, whether it be writing, painting, singing, praying, dancing, crying, making a nature mandala. As the blood flows, so does the creativity.

#3 Be in nature

This is profoundly important. Our cycles are direct connection to the feminine and for a time when our body has prepared for Motherhood. It is most fulfilling at this time to be with the ultimate mother: Mother Earth. She will nourish, inspire, and rejuvenate you. Listen to her, rest with her, and admire her beauty.

#4 Listen to your body and nourish it

It’s a good idea to make extra meals before hand so you don’t have to cook. Rest, take baths, get a massage, or whatever your body wants, when it wants it. The only permission you need is your own.


#5 Ask for what you need

Just do it. Have the courage to admit what you need and ask for it because you deserve it, and because we must pave a new path for our daughters and our daughter’s daughters.

#6 Enjoy being a woman!

Go crazy. Surround yourself with flowers, oil, incense, make a feminine altar, put on some sexy music, wear a red scarf or your favourite flowy dress. Enjoy being a fertile woman.

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#7 Eat chocolate!

Just because. Go for it but make sure it’s healthy chocolate, maybe raw with natural sugars. If you are a man reading this to learn about your lady (Yay!), keep some chocolate around, for your sake and for hers.

By Naia Leigh  | Edited by Eda Sofía  | Featured Artist: Unknown

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