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The Magical Powers Of Your Menstruation


About Me

I am filled with The Divine Feminine “I am Presence” essence and their sustenance sustains me as I evoke my powers of prayer that keep me present on my path. Skills such as supreme self-love, innate intuition, fluidity in my flow, magical manifestation, subtle sensitivity, and verbal vulnerability. My main passion for purpose with this vision is to create a safe container for women to remember the sacredness of their menstrual cycle, to step into the full facets of their Divine Flow and to whole-heartily embody the purest form of their own unique soul’s expression. May all Woman know the Power of their Blood.

In today’s society, menstruation is perceived as taboo – shameful and disgusting.

People do not feel comfortable talking about it.

There are many factors that contribute to the negative feelings around the period, the most poignant of which is that people have been separated from everything that is basic and primal.

We have been cut away from nature.

“Nowadays, a lot of women perceive it as a necessary nuisance, and try to bear their suffering in secrecy.”

But I feel that women have given up one of the most powerful tools that they are equipped with: their sacred power.

Menstruation has been seen as a curse for hundreds of years but in reality, it is the greatest blessing and should be treated as such.

The Power Of Your Period


Although today it may seem insane, blood in ancient times was believed to be a very powerful liquid, and when one looks closely at menstruation, its sacredness becomes quickly apparent.

In the Tantric tradition men became spiritually powerful by ingesting menstrual blood.

Yes, you read that right!

Blood is the most basic, raw, and earthy substance known to humanity. It is life itself. It is life’s essence.

The red color of this liquid indicates strength; it is also associated with power, fire, and emotions.

Chinese people consider “red a sacred color associated with women, blood, sexual potency, and creative power”.

Not to mention the word ‘blessing’ comes from an old English word ‘bleeding’.

However, in the last few centuries, menstruation has become a source of shame.

Women started to perceive it as a curse, a time that disables them and makes them less valuable.

The power turned into disability. The women, instead of being happy with their bodies, began to blame them, making themselves weak.

“The more they hated their cycles, the more pain and misery they experienced every month.”

Over the generations, the bleeding time has become a time of isolation and secrecy.

All the knowledge about the sacredness of the fluid “from a woman’s Mysterious Gateway” has been forgotten.

Though it hasn’t been forgotten by all…

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Love Thy Period, Heal Thyself


Every culture has its own attitudes towards menstruation, and most of the time this attitude is indicative of how women in general are perceived in that culture.

The beliefs that surround women have a great impact on their well-being.

It is proved that in the cultures where natural processes of the female body, such as menstruation and menopause, are respected and held as sacred, women suffer less pain.

They also do not complain about the PMS syndrome, but rather they’re are happy with their bodily functions, and they find pride in being a woman.

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The attitude of native cultures, such as Native American culture and their Moon Time, is so much different from the one ‘modern women’ have grown accustomed to.

They have no shame in menstruation, but see it as a beautiful celebration of life.

In many indigenous cultures, a girl’s first blood is seen as a blessing, and a powerful transition time.

During those few days a woman can gain strength and confidence that will stay with her for the rest of her life.

The reaction of her parents and people around her towards the first menstruation usually shapes her attitude for the rest of the woman’s life.

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How To Empower Yourself During Your Period


Every month each woman has a potential to bring forth a new life into this world. It does not necessarily have to be life in a form of a child. The new life can be an idea, a dream, a piece of art.

It can be a decision to do something, or say something.

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Withdrawing from the external world and being more focused on your own feelings during your period, can result in being more receptive, and open to major ideas and creations, so take time for you.

The menstruation is also a time when all the problems that are usually overlooked, neglected or pushed aside seem to be more pronounced. A voice of the intuition tries to point out the things that need to be looked at.

It is extremely hard to hide anything during those days as everything that a woman has tried to push aside surfaces and demands her attention.

These days, if treated with respect, can become a great ally.

The menstruation is a messenger and helper and should be treated as such.

When I sat down to write this paper I started to bleed. It seemed that blood came to help me or maybe it wanted to speak and share its wisdom.

The time has come for all the women of the world to regain its power.

The experience of menstruation is the decision that we can make every month, and if we choose it to be, it can be an extremely empowering time.

It is up to every one of us to decide whether the lives of our daughters will be filled with shame and guilt, or full of joy and power.

Happiness is not only our choice.

It is our responsibility.

By Shona Keeli Jones | Main Featured Artist: John Vanderlyn | Edited by Annabel Fanning

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