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Sex Can Make You A Genius. Here’s How!


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Stephanie is a writer on topics as broad ranging as love, sex, travel, culture, health, food, tattoos, music, and more. Her work has appeared in a number of online websites, magazines and newspapers, and she is constantly seeking out new stories and angles to educate herself and others through her writing.

“Sexuality and creative expression are so closely connected that they are almost one.

As a writer I have days where creativity just pours out of me like an unstoppable force.

It comes like a powerful rush of energy and I have to sit back, surrender and let it wash over me and out of me… much like a mind-blowing orgasm.

And here’s a little secret: Those days when I’m at my most passionate, inspired and creatively charged almost always happen when I’m having far out sex.

Sexuality and creative expression are so closely connected that they are almost one and the same. After all, at its essence sex is the ultimate creative process.

Throughout history many brilliant thinkers and creators have been huge proponents of channeling sexual energy to tap into a deeper well of inspiration, drive and focus.

3 Ways How Sexual Energy Can Fuel Your Creativity


For all you creative types out there, here are three ways you can harness your sexual energy to unleash your creativity:

#1 Practice Sexual Abstinence

Many creative types including Antoni Gaudi, Beethoven and Isaac Newton believed that abstaining from sex would increase your energy, animate the mind and spur on creativity.

The idea is that sex is a distraction and orgasm and ejaculation dissipates or drains creative energy.

“Spiritual traditions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and shamanism often call for periods of abstinence to cultivate awareness and clarity of mind and stimulate mental energies.”

In Napoleon Hill’s famous book, Think and Grow Rich, he discusses a similar concept called ‘sexual transmutation’, which basically means refocusing your sexual energy towards another action or goal.

By doing this, he believes that anyone can rise to the level of genius.

How To Do It:

Try refraining from sex and masturbation for a period of seven days. Be aware of the emotions and energies that arise and try to redirect that energy into a creative project.

#2 Lovemaking Without Orgasm


Ok, so maybe total abstinence isn’t for you. I know it’s definitely not for me. If that is the case, you can still have fun but with a little self-control to make that sexual energy work in your favor.

Karezza, also known as coitus reservatus or sexual continence, is the art of making love without reaching orgasm or ejaculation, and it was and still is practiced in many Eastern traditions.

The idea with karezza is that you control your orgasm and avoid ejaculating to maintain an incredibly euphoric state of arousal.

Edging is similar, but involves controlling your orgasm for as long as possible to heighten sexual pleasure and intensify the final release.

The idea here is that you bring yourself or your partner to the brink of orgasm, and then stop or reduce stimulation before starting again.

By the time you finally orgasm, you should be at a whole new mind-blowing level of ecstasy.

Ancient Taoist texts state that we all have an energetic substance in our bodies called jing, which can be depleted through the loss of bodily fluids.

The texts recommend decreasing or avoiding ejaculation and instead redirecting the jing upwards to nourish the brain and stimulate the mind.

In yogic theory, kundalini is a powerful libidinal force that rests at the base of the spine and can be awakened through practices like meditation, yoga and tantric sex.

When it comes to tantric sex, orgasm is not the goal. Instead the focus is on channeling pure sexual energy upwards through the chakras to release blockages and reach a higher state of consciousness.

How To Do It:

Start by sitting with your partner, gazing into their eyes and lightly touching each other.

As things slowly become more heated, don’t focus on the release but rather be aware of how your sexual energy travels up your spine all the way to your crown chakra.

Try to abstain from orgasm, and afterwards put that built up energy to productive use.

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#3 The Erotic Release


This one is definitely my favorite, and I know I’m not alone in this.

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In ancient Judaic, Roman, and Shinto traditions, celibacy was frowned upon, as it was believed to be unnatural and unhealthy.

I am a firm believer that erotic release, whether by yourself or with a partner, is a great way to release tension and stress, get in touch with your authentic self and get those creative juices flowing.

By becoming aware of those amazing sensations you experience during and after sex, you can empower yourself to be more confident and free, heighten your senses, and fuel your imagination to amp up your creativity.

How To Do It:

Besides the obvious step of getting it on, try to surrender yourself to the orgasm to release blockages that may be stopping your creative flow. Once you have truly let go and your body is flushed with feel-good hormones, try throwing yourself into a project with a clear, open and fired-up mind.


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Sexual energy can be used for so much more than just pleasure and intimacy.

By becoming aware of and experimenting with those powerful forces deep inside you, you can tap into and unleash your greatest productive potential.

By Stephanie Mee | Featured Artist: Cesar Santos

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