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Drop Your Drawers! Why The Best Thing About Your Panties Is Taking Them Off

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Chelsie Diadhiou is a New York based writer, editor, and mother on a mission to inspire women to use their innate power to consciously create dynamic lives. From motherhood and sexuality, to lifestyle and culture, she explores various themes in her quest to stimulate thought provoking discussion about what it means to be a woman in today’s world. Her philosophy is that everything a woman does must come from a space deep within.

“Sex isn’t the only reason to take your panties off.”

For most modern women, panties are an absolutely essential part of their wardrobe.

In fact, most can’t imagine leaving home without them!

But this now common item as we know it is a fairly modern invention.

“During the Victorian Era, women wore knickers – underwear that were cut like pants, tied together at the waist, extending all the way down to the ankles.”

Knickers were completely open at the crotch, allowing for proper air flow, which was deemed to be more hygienic (the crotch was later sewn closed thanks to the French ‘Can-Can’ dancers, whose leg-lifting dance moves required it).


Perhaps the Victorians were onto something?

Panties 101: A Brief History Of Briefs


Early underwear styles served various functions from modesty and body shaping, to hygiene and convenience.

“From the 1800’s to modern times, women’s undergarments have evolved from heavy petticoats and long pants, to today’s tiny g-strings and thongs.”

Dictated by the ever-changing fashions of the day, as dress lengths shortened, so too did underwear.

The mass manufacture of panties did not occur until the Industrial Revolution of the 20th century. Today, the intimate apparel industry is valued at over $30 billion dollars.

With numbers like these, it is clear that women are spending TONS of money on their “unmentionables.”

But could the frilly, lacy accessories we have come to love be causing us more harm than good?

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6 Reasons To Drop Your Drawersdrop-your-drawers-thomas-saliot

#1 To Prevent Infection

Wearing tight panties, especially for prolonged periods of time, restricts air flow, creating extra heat and moisture in the vaginal area, which can cause infection.

If you absolutely must wear undies, avoid synthetic fibers, as they trap heat and moisture, creating a breeding ground for infection causing bacteria – including yeast, bacterial, and urinary tract infections.

Opt for loose fitting cotton instead.

Try to avoid thongs. The back string can cause bad bacteria to migrate forward from the rectum into the vagina.

While not wearing panties won’t guarantee that you will never have a yeast infection, it can certainly go a long way towards preventing it!

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#2 For Proper Flow Of Chi

Chi, (or vital life force energy) when allowed to flow freely, keeps our organs healthy and functioning optimally – including our sexual organs.

“Wearing panties blocks the flow of chi to the womb, causing our sexual energy to stagnate.”

So take those panties off and let your sexual energy flow!

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#3 To Prevent Cellulite

In addition to blocking the flow of energy, wearing panties also disrupts the flow of blood and lymph fluid, causing cellulite to form.

“The elastic around the leg opening of panties reduces circulation around the upper thighs and buttocks, the same areas where most women have cellulite.”

So skipping your skivvies can help to prevent cellulite and boost circulation to your womb area.

And with increased circulation comes… (see#4 below)

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#4 Increased Sexual Energy


Proper blood flow to the genital area is essential to maintaining a robust sexual appetite.

“Optimal blood circulation to the uterus supports a healthy libido.”

And sexual desire naturally leads to… (see #5 below)

#5 Extra Wetness

The more turned on we are, the more our juices naturally flow.

“As your libido increases, so will your vaginal secretions, making you super moist and wet.”

And with a juicy vagina comes juicy sex!  

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#6 Personal Empowerment

As a woman, nothing is sexier than owning your power – and that includes your body and how you choose to adorn it.

“Making a conscious choice to break free from society’s universally accepted rules and standards of dress can be profoundly liberating.”

In fact, just walking around secretly knowing you aren’t wearing anything under your clothes can boost your body confidence and make you feel extra sexy – and perhaps even a little naughty!

And what woman doesn’t like to feel sexy?

Should You Wear Or Go Bare?


If you’re still not ready to go commando and head out the door, then feel free to ditch your drawers when you get home, so your yoni has a chance to breathe.

Sleeping au naturel is highly recommended.

“If you dare to go bare but feel a little too exposed, try wearing long maxi dresses and skirts with a white cotton slip beneath to create an extra barrier between you and the outside world.”

One final note: The benefit of wearing panties is that they do make for a very sexy costume – moments before they come off.

Are you bold enough to drop your drawers? Or are you already going commando? Share with me in the comments below.

By Chelsie Diadhiou | Featured artist: Thomas Saliot

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7 years ago

I honestly did not wear any type of drawers for many years. Only when I menstruated. Best feeling in the world. But, now I do, since my new boyfriend, doesn’t like the idea of me being so bare and ready..

7 years ago

The part about not wearing undies and juices flowing more…SO TRUE! lol. 🙂 It’s a great thing! 🙂

Jock Doubleday
Jock Doubleday
7 years ago

Lots of reasons to go bare. And lots of reasons to enter into a seed-saving relationship with your man.
“The Seed Savers Movement”

8 years ago

How do you deal with the chaffing from the crotch of pants and shorts? I can totally understand when wearing a skirt but I think it would be a bit to much friction/discomfort for me with pants. Also, shorter skirts could create an expose situation, anyone have a solution for that or just change the types of clothes you wear?

Mountain Woman
Mountain Woman
8 years ago

I do like goining without – but dear sisters, I´d like to ask you or tell you my experience.. when I go whitout all the fluid and juce will spot my trousers & skirts. and if you wear a light skirt in summertime you will see the spots (when you sit down and the juce flows..). Additionally I will have to wash much more often than when wearing panties. How do you handle this?

Nicky Thomas
Nicky Thomas
8 years ago
Reply to  Mountain Woman

I’m interested in hearing more about this too. I’ve taken my underwear off at home and when I do, my yoni gets very wet. I’m worried about the spots on my clothes if I were to go out knickerless 🙂 is this just because it’s a new sensation and my yoni needs time to get used yo it’s?

Zindzi Janaan
8 years ago

I completely agree with everything stated above. I remember last year when I remarked to a now-dear friend, “YOU DON’T WEAR PANTIES?!!!” She looked at me, and matching my incredulity (I may have made that word up), “WHY DO YOU!?!!” I had nothing besides, “Because…” From that day, I dropped my panties like they were hot honey, and me and my pum pum have been LOVIN’ IT ever since!!! I’m talking about better smell, better taste, less infections, greater comfort, increased feeling of sexiness, increased arousal and bodily awareness, more confidence…the list goes on! I am a pioneer for the panty-less in my circles!!! Love this article and will definitely share!!!

Blue Sphinx
Blue Sphinx
8 years ago

I haven’t worn underwear for many years, on the advice of my doctor, for reason #1 above. Better air flow, fewer infections. I am quite happy to report success, in case anyone wondered. Also, never worrying about pantylines is awesome!

RomyO Corre
RomyO Corre
8 years ago

May the Power of Yoni… Be With You!

8 years ago

YESSS. loved this piece. I’ve always hated panties and have always felt shameful about it until recently. I go commando as much as possible. I feel like it’s so necessary and healthy.

Thank you for this good read ♡


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