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The 7 Magical Benefits of SLEEPING NAKED!


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“No BS.. sleeping naked makes you happier, healthier, sexier and a little wiser.”

Many years ago I could have never imagined sleeping in the nude. I felt better with a bunch of non-breathable fabrics covering my pussy & boobies.

But during the last years my life changed – drastically. I became more conscious and in tune with my body. I felt how my body yearned for a rest from all those tight underwear, jeans, bras, shoes, belts etc.

So I took it all off (.. at night that is ;)). And I’ve never put anything on ever since.

Sleeping naked is freaking liberating. It has had many (subtle) amazing benefits on my entire body and mind.

There’s even scientific research that those who slip beneath the sheets au naturel may actually be healthier and happier than those of us who choose to cover up. Get the facts here:

#1 It Makes You Love Your Body


I know that so many of you out there actively hide from their own bodies. I know it, because I’ve done it myself. If we can’t see our bodies we don’t have to confront our feelings about them, right?! Truth is, this is only making it worst in the long run.

Being naked is one of the best ways to heal a negative body image. Your entire body and mind will start to breathe and liberate itself. At first it might be uncomfortable but after a while it’ll start to feel normal.

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#2 It Makes You Sexier & Sleep Deeper


When you ditch the pajamas, you also eliminate the chance of twisted pants, too-tight tops and distracting objects like buttons and snaps – all things that can disrupt your sleep. Less clothing also means less chance of overheating.

“According to Dr. Eus van Someren of the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, it is important to keep your skin temperature perfectly comfortable for a deep and restful sleep.

Many researchers believe that the optimal body temperature for deep sleeping is around 70-degrees Fahrenheit, which is easy to achieve and maintain if you sleep in the nude.

And truth is… when you have a great sleep you wake up feeling less stressed, more refreshed, and looking your best. And this can give you a huge boost of confidence in all areas of your life. And confidence is freakin’ sexy!

#3 Your Pussy Or Penis Will Love It


Sleeping naked allows your skin to breathe and also airs out your nether regions.

For women, a moist and warm vagina can be an incubator for bacteria and yeast. By allowing your vagina to breathe, you lessen the risk of thrush and vaginal infections.

For men, less clothing means a cooler body temperature and cooler testicles, which aids in sperm production. This is especially important if you are trying to up the fertility factor.

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#4 It Makes You Have More Sex. Yummy!


Believe it or not, but a study revealed that out of 1,000 people surveyed, 57 percent who slept naked were s happy in their relationships, compared to 48 percent who wore pajamas, nighties or onesies. (.. kinda weird they did a study on this, but it’s good info)

“This is because sleeping in the buff strengthens physical and emotional intimacy, allows you to be more open with your partner, and makes it easier to get some under-the-sheets action going on.

I personally love, love, love to feel the bare skin of my partner all night long.

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#5 It May Protect You From Heart Disease


Couples who sleep together in the nude could be protecting their hearts, and not just in a romantic sort of way.

“The closeness of skin-on-skin contact triggers a release of the hormone oxytocin, which can lower anxiety and blood pressure and boost the immune system. This in turn lowers the risk of heart disease.

Oxytocin levels are at their highest after an orgasm, which is even more of a reason to slip under the sheets wearing nothing more than your birthday suit.

#6 It Keeps Your Ass Looking Fine


While we sleep there are many restorative processes going on, including the production and regulation of hormones. These hormones actually play a huge role in weight loss.

People who maintain a cool body temperature when they sleep tend to produce less cortisol aka stress hormones. And when you produce less of these hormones you will also have less anxiety and less intense food cravings.

“Extra clothing in bed can cause your body to overheat, kicking the cortisol levels into overdrive. On the other hand, sleeping naked can cool the core to regulate cortisol levels. Low cortisol levels = happy & healthy body.

#7 It Makes You Freakin’ Beautiful


Moreover, a cooler body temperature while sleeping can help you maintain perfect levels of melatonin and growth hormones aka anti-aging hormones. Yep this means for you: healthier hair, glowing skin and less chances of premature aging.

And if you allow your skin to breathe for several hours – free from fabrics that keep sweat, oil, and other bodily fluids super close to your pores – it will help to clear up your skin.

So whether you’re sleeping alone or cuddling up with your lover, try baring it all in bed to sleep better, look better, feel better, and spur on your sexuality into a whole nother realm. Yiheaaa! <3

By Adina Rivers & Stephanie Manis

Featured Artist: Paul Sieffert | Edited by Eda

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  • Jim Christian

    My gal gets many more body rubs sleeping naked than women that wear tee-shirts and panties. If she’s naked, she’s more accessible for massage or even just a back-scratch and that can lead to anything. Makes hugging better too.. Fun!

  • Mrrrroowwwr

    I started sleeping naked a while ago to help with body acne and i love it, sooo comfortable! Plus Marilyn Monroe slept naked 🙂

  • Shauna Ballard Phillips

    All I’m saying is that if you’re going to use “pussy,” why not use “dick?”

    • Mrrrroowwwr

      The power of alliteration?

  • tatalino

    Not only sleeping naked, i also go night swimming naked..

  • Rebecca Frankel

    obviously this is about women who have already been through menopause, otherwise it would say that for somewhere between 1 & 7 days a month, a pre menopausal woman can’t sleep naked because they are on their period

    • Ashley Houston

      Not true. I just put a towel under me.

    • Maeva

      No, it is very relevant for pre-menopausal women. About 4 days a month I wear underwear and cloth pads, and the other 26 I sleep completey nude. The benefits are noticeable.

  • Zmain

    I always sleep without any underwear have been doing it from teenage years I also do enjoy walking in my apartment without any clothes on

  • eda

    Hey sweetie I’m so glad to hear so. Sleeping naked & being naked in general is a lovely practice which will reaffirm your self confidence and make you appreciate how beautiful your body is.


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