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Why You Should Want a Man Who Loves Other Women


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All men check out other women. You’ll never find one that doesn’t. It’s the way he looks at women that’s important.

Catching your man looking at another woman can be hurtful. Emotions like jealousy or doubt may leave you feeling insecure about yourself, or your relationship.

However, let me tell you why your man’s wandering gaze might actually be a good thing.

All men check out other women. You’ll never find one that doesn’t. But it’s the way he looks at women that’s important.


My first long-term relationship was with a man who truly loved women. While we were together he would fall in love with all sorts of women – almost every day. He would check out all the women on the beach, and tell me all about the friendly female clerks he encountered while shopping. He would literally fall in love with every woman who looked at him.

To my surprise, I found I almost never felt insecure or jealous in our relationship.

In fact, I was actually very proud of being in a relationship with such a man because he treated me with the same love, appreciation, and respect.

What goes on in a man’s mind is exactly what comes across in his relationships.

As you get to know a man, listen closely to how he talks about women: his mother, his female friends and colleagues, and especially his previous partners. Watch how he acts around women. His behavior will reveal a lot about how he will treat you.

There are men who look at women as objects, who see them only in the ways they can satisfy or serve them. Then, there are men who look at women in appreciation. Men who have lots of female friends, who compliment women, who open doors for women, and who genuinely value the company of women.

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We can work on our insecurities, doubts, and jealousies, we have that power, but we can’t change a man who doesn’t value women.

These men are not necessarily bad people, but their perspective is that of a person who feels powerless in the world. They objectify women as a means to feel control.

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This is a painful state to live in, so there is no need to judge them for their pain. We can just choose not to let them into our lives because we want to experience loving relationships.

Choosing something for ourselves has nothing to do with condemning the other.

Choose love.

By Anna Sophia | Featured Artist: Emily Balivet | Edited by Serena Gee

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