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8 Things Your Vagina Would Tell You If It Could Speak


About Me

Mix stardust with challenges, and rainbows with tears, throw in some anger sauteed with safe release and you get Dara Stara. A huntress for honesty in every moment. A skydancer in her very own way. A breaker of those walls, that inhibit connection. An unchained heart, that wants to strip everyone bare. Her mission is to get real. Real with dreams, life and the universe. Co-creator of the 7 day immersion: NAKED - the Retreat, she and her playmate invite daring souls on a deep dive into themselves.

I am the most magical place of your body. Think about it: life gets created here.

How much love and attention do you give to your vagina?

Think about it: Life is created here but this most magical place of our bodies often gets overlooked.. and misunderstood.

So I took the time to tune in and listen to ‘her’.

8 Things Your Vagina Might Tell You If It Could

Here’s what my vagina said.. and maybe yours would to of you’d tune in.

#1 Don’t Call Me Any Weird Names

Don’t call me any weird names, as if I am ‘you-know-who’ from Harry Potter. Call me Yoni. Because that is what I am: a Sacred Gateway.

#2 Look At Me More Often


I know I am kind of difficult to see, but you can use a mirror!

I have lips and no, they are not too big. They are beautiful. Enjoy me. Love me. I am your most sacred corner.

If you want to take it a little bit further, get naked with a bunch of other women. Dare to look at their yonis as you would look into their eyes. Get a perspective and understand the beauty of diversity. Make it safe and sacred.

There is nothing wrong with you, me, or any other woman.

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#3 Skip The Nickers

I hang out in these dark places underneath your clothes all too often, covered up in fabric. Having a little bit of air and light will make me more healthy and happy. Let me see the sun!

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#4 Play With Me More Often!


I am a muscle that needs exercise like any other. I have places that need to be touched, and touched, and touched, and touched (… you get the deal) until you finally feel what I can offer you!.

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#5 Open Yourself

Of course not just to anyone but understand that if you open your legs to someone that deeply cherishes, respects and loves you, you will open me.

The one you let walk through your sacred door has the power to penetrate your whole being. That doorway leads to the bottom of your existence.

Beyond the flesh, beneath your wounds, knots, and scars. They have the power to release the most delightful pleasures within the boundaries of your body.

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#6 Let My Waters Flow


I am your well of pleasure, in many senses. I hold waters, clear and clean.

Let me release them like a waterfall, so you can release your anger, frustration, tears, and broken dreams. All of it is stored inside of you.

Water cleanses everything, washes away and leaves you utterly blissed out on a wet towel (Yeah, don’t forget that one, sleeping on wet patches can be a little annoying).

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#7 Speak About Me

Speak more often with me.. and about me. Talk about what feels deep and powerful, and what feels more like a senseless rub on my pearl of sensitivity (the one and only Clitoris).

I am nothing to be ashamed of. I am the most magical place of your body.

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#8 Take Time For Me


You are searching for love, passion, and desire in all the wrong places. It’s always with you, for you carry me with you wherever you are.

I am your energy vortex. Think about the power that sits inside of me to be able to create life. Unleash it.

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Nurture me with your thoughts and caresses. You and me, we are a pretty epic team.

Are you ready to unleash your sacred power?

By Dara Meubrink | Featured Artist: Anna Dittmann

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[…] 8 things your vagina would tell you if she could speak […]


[…] 8 Things Your Vagina Would Tell You If It Could Speak – MyTinySecrets […]


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