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The Magical Powers Of Female Ejaculation


About Me

Caroline Muir’s work has been instrumental in inspiring the modern tantra movement in America. She is celebrated as a Tantra Yoga educator, best-selling author, and the first person to introduce sexual healing practices for women, by women, (in heterosexual or same-sex partnerships). Caroline provides her transformational work to both women and couples.

“For me, Amrita is one of the great wonders of the world.”

Anyone can “ejaculate,” or “squirt,” but the goddess in women releases her Amrita.

Amrita is liquid energy.

“Amrita” is the Sanskrit word to describe female ejaculation. Its literal translation is “divine nectar.”

Amrita to me is a divine expression of the feminine.

Videos that purport to show how females can ejaculate are a turn-off to me.

So join me in this little game of consciousness as I describe to you the majestic connection I feel to spirit, to myself, to my partner, and to life while releasing my Amrita.

The Magical Power Of Amrita


“It must be pee!” the disbelieving exclaim.

“It must be pee!” the uninformed lovers conclude.

But the millions of women, who for centuries have experienced the sexual-spiritual heights in releasing their Amrita, know it is not pee that can come forth from them in quantity during orgasm.

It is divine nectar.

In the Western world there is a tendency to reduce profound spiritual experiences by requiring them to have scientific explanations.

The true nature of these sacred waters is more metaphysical than physical. It often feels as though the “energy” of Amrita is being released, with no liquid content.

How could this be proven or explained to the scientist in the lab?

There is a commonly held belief that something other than God must be responsible for this potentially profound experience of pleasure when cups of warm clear liquid gushes or sprays out of the female’s genital area (specifically her urinary opening).

In my experience as a goddess of conscious lovemaking, the words that escape my lips during high states of arousal and orgasm are “Oh my God! Oh my God!”

Yet when my Amrita flows I experience the most profound connection to the Feminine. I often hear myself exclaiming as I’m flowing,

“Thank you Goddess, Thank you, Mother, Thank you Spirit, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…”

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With Consciousness Comes Amrita


Every woman experiences her sexual response somewhat differently, so each must find her own expression in these times of surrender. This release may not feel typically orgasmic.

It can go unnoticed by some.

The awareness and experience of Amrita depends on the level of a woman’s awakened sensitivity to her body.

How do we allow the sacred to enter into this experience?

It’s a flip of the switch (of consciousness, that is!).

Much depends on a woman’s openness, sense of safety, and, often, spiritual connection to herself, partner or close friend.

I have seen women start the flow of Amrita simply by being in the company of another woman releasing.

I have experienced holding the hand of a dear friend while I was receiving sacred spot massage, and as my Amrita flowed, hers released with such a force it splashed the wall eight feet from the bed!

Once a woman’s “channels” are open she can easily release her sacred waters through self-pleasuring.

Her time alone becomes not only fun and pleasurable, but gives her direct connection to her own divinity, her own power, to the goddess within her essence.

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Amrita is an Offering 


Her nectar then flows from heaven to earth, a gift to the earth mother herself.

She might “offer” this gift of liquid energy to her loved ones or to her own personal belief of what spirit is to her.

She does this by joining her consciousness to her Amrita, and actually “imagines” giving this medicine where she wills it to go.

We use our power of intention to imprint our Amrita.

This requires creative visualization, a focused mind, and deep, slow breathing. It is by this “knowing” that our natural body fluids become a “medicine” for healing and high magic.

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Amrita, One Of The Great Wonders Of The World


Through Amrita, a woman is able to access her own spiritual priestess.

For me, Amrita is one of the great wonders of the world.

People have tried to measure it, examine it, explain it, and figure it out. There is no way to measure, or explain, the divine.

Your body is your laboratory, and you, as a woman, have the opportunity to claim your potential and your birthright as a divine mystery.

by Caroline Muir | Feature Image: Paul Baudry |  Originally posted on Whyarewewhispering

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Sudeshna Sengupta
Sudeshna Sengupta
8 years ago

Would you mind citing your source for such a claim about the meaning of this word in Sanskrit … “Amrita” is the Sanskrit word to describe female ejaculation. Its literal translation is “divine nectar.”? As someone who studied Sanskrit and uses this and many other Sanskrit words on a daily basis in conversation — I have never heard of such an explanation. It definitely is not a “literal translation”. But I am curious if there’s any text/souce somewhere that used the word metaphorically to symbolize female ejaculation at the time when Sanskrit was in use. Thank you.


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