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OMG! Your Low Sex Drive Could be Caused by Your Liver!

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About Me

Shashi Solluna is a passionate Tantrika, known for her fiery energy and ability to make things happen! She specialises in the aspect of energy in Tantra…cultivating sexual energy and raising it through the body, as well as sharing that energy with your beloved. She applies ancient tantric principles to modern life and relationships, teaching Tantra as a life path as well as a spiritual path.

The liver controls the flow of sexual energy in the body.

You may never have considered that the state of your liver can have an effect on your sexuality. However, In Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine, it has long been known that the liver controls the flow of sexual energy, or chi, in the body.

If the liver is stagnated, with the energy blocked, then sexual energy becomes “tight”.

This can manifest in a number of ways such as:

  • Stop-and-start sex drive, coming in spurts. Sometimes there, sometimes not.
  • A “horny” edginess to the sexual energy, abrasive.
  • Aggressive sexual energy and desire for violent sexual encounters.
  • Tight quality to sexual energy. Desire can easily turn into frustration.
  • If lover chi is stuck, it leads to stuck emotions in the form of anger, frustration and/or depression.
  • Sometimes the tightness is so strong that there is no sex drive unless one uses alcohol or drugs. 
Stagnant liver chi is so common in our modern society that this kind of sexual energy has even become normal in many people’s perception.
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In terms of Tantric Union, if the sexual energy is very tight, the two lovers will tend to just use sex as a tension-release and not raise energy to higher levels such as the heart and soul level.

Often this type of sexual encounter leaves people feeling separate and does not cultivate deep union and connection.

How Liver Cleansing Affects Your Sex Life

The good news is, this can be adjusted just with the aid of a simple liver cleanse! By purifying the liver and flushing excessive sediment out of the gallbladder, the chi flow of the whole body can be freed up.

Not only does the energy flow more freely, but the emotions begin to flow more smoothly also.

Instead of feeling an edgy-horny sexual drive, you will become filled with a juicy vibrant sexual vitality.

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This is more like a zest for life than a desire for tension-release, and instead of looking for sex to relieve pressure, you can use your energy as a gift to share with others if you so choose.

When liver chi flows smoothly, you will start to experience:

  • Joyful sexual vitality and zest for life.
  • Smooth-flowing emotions.
  • Less anger and frustration. More generosity and giving.
  • Deeper sense of connection during sexual union.
  • Energy rising and falling in smooth peaks and valleys during intercourse.
  • Any violent sexual drive is transformed into a sexual fire that can open up your partner (Rather than violate them!).
  • Sexual vitality is joyful, whether you are engaging in sex or not.

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How To Cleanse The Liver To Increase Your Sex Drive

There are different ways to cleanse your liver and increase your sex drive.

#1 Cleanse Your Liver With Foods

Basically, the bile (Fluid from the gallbladder) breaks down fats. So the easiest way to give the gallbladder a break is to cut out fats: oils, nuts, cheeses, and so on. The liver also breaks down toxins, so the second step is to avoid drugs, alcohol and caffeine.

These two moves alone will start giving the liver a chance to cleanse. However, there are more secrets to cleanse your liver and up your sex drive:

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  • Apples, pears, apple juice; These breakdown deposits in the gall bladder (Gall stones) ?? ?
  • Apple cider vinegar (2 tablespoons) in warm water with a teaspoon of honey. Drink once or twice a day to move stagnant liver chi. Also good to move frustration and anger.
  • Lemon juice added to your drinking water. Especially good to drink upon waking up. ?
  • Lots of vibrant salads and greens. ?
  • Green juices and super greens…but avoid the heavy sweet smoothies.
  • Herbs to boost: you can buy special liver formulas, or take artichoke extract and milk thistle. Follow guidelines on the package.
  • Don’t eat after sunset. It’s best to eat your last meal by 6pm.
  • Sleep by 10pm. Liver purifies from 10pm to 2am, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, so get early nights for a full liver cleanse.

You may want to dedicate a weekend or even a week to focusing on cleansing your liver.


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#2 Cleanse Your Liver With Exercises

In addition to diet, daily movement helps to move blocked energy.

Try: Shaking

Put on your favourite techno music, stand with your feet wide on the earth, and shake! Let your whole body be lose. Imagine you are shaking off old chains and limitations. Shake them off, into the earth! Be free! Afterwards stand with eyes closed and watch the vibrant energy in every cell.

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Try: The Woodcutter


Stand with feet 3ft apart, in wide stance. Interlace your fingers and raise your arms straight up above your head, as if lifting an axe. Swing it down between your legs with a deep “huh” sound. Repeat 10-20 times.

This is superb to do when you feel angry or irritated with something or someone.

After the cutting movements, stand with eyes closed and breathe. Watch the vital energy flow in your body.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried this cleanse before. If so what did you feel? How was your energy? How has it changed your sexual vitality?

By Shashi Solluna

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