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Intimate Health Archive

8 Signs You Have A Vaginal Infection

Now then lovely ladies, it’s vital we get vaginal health savvy sooner rather than later, especially when it comes to understanding what is healthy and what is not down there. As so much is at stake if you have a vaginal infection and leave it untreated. Such as your amazing sex life ...Read More

12 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Vagina

Don’t you think being a woman is great? I know I sure do! I love and embrace all the unique body parts we have that make us women. Women’s genitals specifically though, are not only very different from men’s, but can also differ in the way they look from woman to woman. ...Read More

How To Use Garlic Against Vaginal Infections

Using garlic against a vaginal infection might sound freaky but it is one of the oldest recipes against many types of infections. I even used it against an intense Yeast Infection (and it was burning quite strongly which is always a sign of healing). I am sure it took a big part ...Read More

12 Ways to Naturally Heal a Vaginal Infection

Your vagina deserves only the best care, and the same applies ladies when you have a vaginal infection. Many conventional treatments you can get given to treat an infection in this area can come with a long list of side effects, plus can even cause it to recur. Natural Medicine over Chemicals ...Read More

12 Ways To Stop Vaginal Itching Immediately

I know, all you can think about right now is how to stop vaginal itching. Most women will suffer from it at some point in their lives. But as every woman who has had this knows, even the most acute cases can be enough to drive you crazy from having the constant ...Read More

Itchy Vagina – What Causes Vaginal Itching?

There are many reasons why women can get vaginal itching, ranging from acute to chronic – all of which should be looked into, and treated holistically. Not just because it is uncomfortable and can make you feel embarrassed should you need to itch down there in public, but because if left untreated ...Read More

8 Basic Rules For a Healthy Vagina

To achieve great health, every individual part of our body must be in great health. One part that often gets overlooked, and never really spoken about in women’s social circles, is the health of a woman’s vagina. Some women reading this may have already experienced vaginal health problems at some point in ...Read More