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Squirting 101: A Splishy-Splashy Guide for Evolved People


About Me

R. Leigh is the author of Squirting: It's Easier Than You Think, Squirt Stories: Tales of Real Life Squirters, and Squirt School: The Book. She has been interviewed on multiple radio shows about the topic of squirting including on rapper Eminem's Sirius XM channel Shade 45, Raw Sex Radio, Erotic Talk Radio, Girl's Eye View and PPRN. Her focus is on encouraging others to live a holistic lifestyle, taking into account that mental health, physical health and other factors affect all aspects of our lives.

“For many women squirting is one of the most intense, pleasurable orgasms they’ll ever experience.”

Everyone talks about it, only few have experienced it – the mysterious, elusive, erotic experience of “squirting” or “gushing”.

Let us take a closer look at this magical event.

So, What Exactly is Squirting?

Squirting is the expulsion of prostatic fluid through and around the urethra during or before an orgasm.

The G-spot is surrounded by the female prostate with tiny glands called the Skene’s Gland. These build up and fill with fluid during arousal.

The fluid pushed out of the urethra is watery with a sometimes diluted, milky appearance. It may be odorless or have a slightly musky, or sweet smell. In flavor it may be salty, or sweet.

“Some women ejaculate a few drops others a few cups. Some women squirt and for others it splashes, drops or drizzles out.”

Some women release it actively while others release it passively.

Some women experience an orgasm during the ejaculation, while for others it occurs completely separate from the orgasm.

The History Of Squirting


Knowledge of squirting has been around for a loooooong time.

“As early as 2,000 years ago, various scholars began addressing female ejaculation. Ancient tantric teachings refer to it as Amrita, the nectar of the goddess.

Chinese Taoist texts from the 4th century make reference to female ejaculation, describing the erotic zone on the front wall of the vagina as a “moon flower” which gushes large amounts of nectar.

Later in history, Dutch physician Reinier De Graaf identified the paraurethral glands as the female version of the male prostate and where squirting fluid is expelled from.

By 1952, the female prostate was again identified by the German physician, Ernest Gräfenberg. It is because of him that this area was called the G-Spot.

“Gräfenberg examined the ejaculated fluid and discovered it contained secretions from the paraurethral glands. His conclusion was that it wasn’t urine but a fluid of pleasure.”

In fact, the fluid has since been studied and several sources have concluded it contains glucose and the enzyme prostate acid phosphatase, which is also a major component of semen.

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What Does Squirting Feel Like?


“For many women squirting is one of the most intense, pleasurable orgasms they’ll ever experience.

The pleasure that most women experience during squirting is not centralized as it is with a clitoral orgasm.

A squirting orgasm extends throughout the entire body.

It feels like an ultimate release. It’s a deep orgasm which includes lots of warmth and wetness. Your whole body may contract, sometimes for several minutes, and you’ll likely feel weak afterwards, as though you need to rest for a while.

The amount of fluid expelled will vary from woman to woman, some women squirt teaspoons while others squirt cups, and that’s okay. Female orgasms are as unique as the women who have them!

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How to Squirt In 6 Easy Steps


Women and their partners should both first focus on relaxation and health if they want to increase their sexual pleasure.

“When toxins build up in your body, it can inhibit pleasure.”  

Sweating, mindfulness, and eating well will help to detoxify your body, allowing  you to experience more pleasure. Once you feel ready try these tips of mine:

#1 Be Present In The Moment

Let go of your shame, and any preconceptions of what should or should not occur during sex.

“Become present in the moment by focusing only on the sounds, tastes, smells, and feelings you are experiencing in this very moment.”

You are worthy of sexual pleasure. Keeping a regular meditation practice is helpful in learning how to become present in all moments, including during sex.

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#2  Relax Into The Pleasure

Relaxation is essential, as it is for any orgasm.

“Relax not only your mind, but your entire body, including your genitals, allowing any sensual feelings to come.”

Do not resist, do not clench up.

#3 Enjoy Full-Body Stimulation

Some women experience a squirting orgasm without stimulation of the G-spot, but for most women stimulation of the G-spot is key.

The G-spot is located about two inches inside the front vaginal wall, and has a spongy texture. Try stroking it with fingers curved toward the front of the vagina, or using toys meant for G-spot stimulation.

Certain sex positions are better suited for stimulating the G-spot than others. Which position works best for you will depend on the way your bodies connect.

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#4 Aim For Slow & Prolonged Sex

Intense and prolonged stimulation are crucial to squirting.

Do not tense up while orgasming, but instead completely relax. Take time to explore yourself or let your partner explore you. Consistently include the clitoris, labia, anal area into your pleasure play.

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#5 Let go

“A squirting orgasm comes from a deeper stage of letting go.”

Let go of everything but the ripples of the orgasm within you, releasing your sacred fluid. It may feel like you have to pee, but this is normal.

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#6 Rest

It is common to feel weak after a squirting orgasm. Rest, drink plenty of fluids, and most importantly bask in the after effects of this powerful experience.

And girl, don’t force yourself to experience female ejaculation. A squirting orgasm has a lot to do with your inner world, your self love and the trust in your partner. 

Enjoy any orgasmic experience; it is magical no matter how small. 

By R. Leigh | Featured Artist Charles-Édouard Boutibonne

Where is the G-Spot & How To Stimulate It?!

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8 years ago

I knew a girl that called it ‘girl rain’ which was kind of cute. She would cover the bed quite powerfully and it had a musty scent and the texture of the liquid was almost ‘dry’ in a weird way, I wasnt a big fan of it, but she seemed to enjoy herself. Though I am still to this day not convinced she was not just peeing and I have yet to find a nurse/doctor to concur with it being anything else. Thanks Mark
Latest Blog Post:The Tantric Pathway is not just about sex.

Doc Jtroy
Doc Jtroy
8 years ago

This should be interesting.


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