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F*ck Soulmates, Here’s Who You Should Really Be Looking For


About Me

Dr Amanda Noelle is on a mission to help conscious single women call in their Beloveds at light speed so that they can become part of a Twin Flame Power Couple—tantric partnerships aligned to heal the planet. She is a seasoned modern-day mystic, a “High-Healed Priestess” (healer in heels), who heals your heart to the core. Amanda is a natural-born “Aphrodisiac,” or apprentice to the goddess of love. She has the “Aphrodite Touch”— everything she touches turns to love.
There comes a point in one’s evolution when even a soulmate relationship isn’t enough…

This may come as a surprise to you, but there are many potential soulmates out there for you. An infinite number of viable partners you could settle down and live a decent, or even wonderful life with.

However, there comes a point in one’s spiritual evolution when even a soulmate relationship isn’t enough. It no longer fulfills your soul’s path.

You hunger for something more, yet you don’t know what it is.

Your soulmate relationships start crumbling, no matter what you do.

There is an ache in your heart that is insatiable because you are being called to experience the highest expression of divine love.

You are ready to find your one true Twin Flame.


Twin Flames are two people, two separate sides of the same soul, two complete halves of the same whole who come together in unity to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

When people say, “I want to meet my soulmate,” they often mean, “I want to meet my Twin Flame.”

Twin Flames are a very specific type of soulmate, often considered to be the ‘Holy Grail’ of relationships.

Many conscious love-seekers are now awakening to this once little-known form of soulmate love, yet the Twin Flame Theory dates back through time as far as history can record.  Across cultures, around the globe through religious and spiritual teachings, ancient mystery schools, and through symbolism and myth.

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Well, What the Heck is a Soulmate then?

By definition, a ‘soulmate’ is simply someone with whom you evolve, grow, and learn life, love, and spiritual lessons.

These can be pleasant or horrific experiences. They happen on the physical, financial, emotional, mental, or spiritual levels.

Soulmates can be of the romantic or platonic type. For instance, business relationships, your mother, and your spiritual teacher are all types of soulmate relationships. Each of these relationships brings spiritual and life lessons.

Certain soulmates are here to guide you as your teacher: your second grade teacher, college professor, boss, or that romantic soulmate who opened your heart for the first time.


Other soulmates are here to enlighten you as their teacher, from the perspective of the student. Your children, your younger sibling, and your clients fall into this category of soulmates.

When you share your gifts as a teacher, you learn through the teaching process and gain confidence by being able to provide something of value to another. You also enjoy the experience of feeling needed and appreciated.

Soulmate growth always goes both ways. We learn through each other, seeing the other as our own reflection.

Ultimately, there are endless types of soulmates out there. Each of them is important to us at different times in our lives for different kinds of learning and growth.

Romantic Soulmate Types

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Whether they are marital partners or just a crush, romantic soulmates come to teach us love lessons, no matter how fabulous or ferocious.

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Some romantic soulmates teach their lessons through deep divine love; others teach you through the painful piercing of an arrow through your heart.

Some are meant to last for a moment, while others are meant to last for a lifetime.

There are two main categories of romantic soulmates: Twin Flames and Karmic Soulmates.

Twin Flames

Twin Flame Love is Higher Dimensional. It lives beyond the confines of time and space.

The Twin Flame Union is designed and destined to last for an eternity.

Twin Flame Unions surpass the bonds of the traditional soulmate relationship; push its lovers over the edge, moving them beyond the ego and fear into their deepest soul purpose, soul mastery, and soul love.

Karmic Soulmates

Karmic Soulmates align with us when we have past, or current, karmas to clear, or lessons to learn in order for our souls to evolve. In order to align with your true Twin Flame, it might take a few Karmic Soulmate love lessons and karmic clearings.

If you decide to stay in a Karmic Soulmate relationship, you will likely suffer from boredom, burnout, frustration, addiction, or feel the ongoing need to escape. It takes a heavy dose of repressing your deepest desires to stay in a Karmic Soulmate relationship for the long haul.

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Sometimes we settle with Karmic Soulmates because our soul hasn’t realized that we are worthy of Twin Flame Love. Most often, if Karmic Soulmates stay together it is out of fear. Luckily, more and more people are awakening beyond this limitation and are ascending into Twin Flame Love.

A master soul will not be happy in a Karmic Soulmate relationship for long because not all aspects of the soul are awakened and unionized.

If you are committed to the Twin Flame path, your Karmic Soulmate partnerships will come to a close once you have completed the love lessons together.

However, sometimes these relationships can end abruptly, and explosively. They come through like wildfire, waking up your heart and soul to the stirrings of deep divine love, then, they teach us what it’s like to lose.


The Divine Purpose of Heartbreak


Heartbreaks can be an incredible initiation to the soul.

In order to love, we must be willing to lose. This is an important Twin Flame truth to know.  Heartbreaks teach us to seek our own deep well of love within.

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Sometimes the ugly way is the only way for us to grow quickly, so we can learn the vital lessons through extremes. We are left hungry, and our heart cries out for true Twin Flame Love.

However, many people become so addicted to this illusory love, misinterpreting it as the real deal. They miss the valuable love lessons.

It is only with self-love that you can discern the difference between a Twin Flame and a Karmic Soulmate.

To find your twin flame you must make a commitment to never again settle or repeat the pattern of seeking love outside yourself.

*PS- Check here for the surprising way to attract your Twin Flame 🙂 ?

Namaste and blessings,

Dr. Amanda Noelle | Edited by Serena Gee & Emily Nature

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[…] If you are looking for a deep connection, here’s Who You Should Really Be Looking For […]


[…] If you are looking for a deep connection, here’s Who You Should Really Be Looking For […]

Christopher Carson Snell
Christopher Carson Snell
6 years ago

If you feel as if there is something a-miss in your relationship, it’s not them, it’s all about you. Practicing the ego-less relationship we take the art of personal boundaries and emotional responsibility to the extremes. With or without your soulmate or twin flame, this practice grants you success in any relationship.
To know the difference between a soul-mate relationship and a twin flame relationship:
In a soul-mate relationship they will be at odds a lot, in learning how to navigate their own emotions.
How to identify a twin flame partnership is to look into the eyes of them together, and it will be like looking into the same person.


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