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How to Attract True Love Through Orgasm [Yepp ツ]


About Me

Dr Amanda Noelle is on a mission to help conscious single women call in their Beloveds at light speed so that they can become part of a Twin Flame Power Couple—tantric partnerships aligned to heal the planet. She is a seasoned modern-day mystic, a “High-Healed Priestess” (healer in heels), who heals your heart to the core. Amanda is a natural-born “Aphrodisiac,” or apprentice to the goddess of love. She has the “Aphrodite Touch”— everything she touches turns to love.
This isn’t a tip your mother would tell you about, but it works…”

Have you ever missed someone, without even knowing who it is you miss? You’ve got a deep, spiritual, unexplainable pull within you. You can feel it right down to your core, you want to find your Twin Flame.  

A Twin Flame Union is designed and destined to last for an eternity.

Twin Flame Unions surpass the bonds of the traditional soulmate relationship and push its lovers over the edge into their deepest soul purpose, soul mastery, and soul love. (You can read more on what your Twin Flame is here.)

But how, in a world full of 7 billion people, are you supposed to find them?

In this article, I will share a powerful and sexy technique to call your Twin Flame to you, so you can stop searching.

Are You Ready For Your Twin Flame?

twin flame-true-love

If the Twin Flame Union does call your soul, I highly recommend proceeding carefully and doing the deep inner work it takes to prepare for your Sacred Union. When you call in your Twin Flame without proper preparation, you will only attract the wrong energies, and can only end in disaster.

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In order to call in your Twin Flame you must:

  •   Awaken to your soul purpose
  •   Fall in love with and marry yourself first

Self-love is the recipe to Twin Flame attraction. With self-love leading the way, you can love without attachment. This is incredibly attractive to your Twin Flame.

Only when you can see that there is no love but your own, you are ready for your real Twin Flame.

When you create the proper foundation, your Twin Flame Union will arrive, often quite quickly. However, there is a technique you can use to expedite their arrival into your life.


Attracting Your Twin Flame Through Orgasm

This isn’t a tip your mother would tell you about, but it works.

Orgasmic energy is potent, healing, cleansing, and magnetic.

When we are in the state of orgasm we are entirely present in the moment because our energy is flowing so quickly that it becomes one with the Higher Dimensions. Darkness and stuck energy cannot exist there, so we can easily release the past.

Twin Flame masturbation is a phenomenal tool to expedite Twin Flame healing, and to clear energy blocks and past traumas.
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To call in your Twin Flame, you can tell the Universe that you are ready for him or her through a prayer before, during, and after orgasm.

During our orgasmic state, our wishes, desires, and intentions can be sent to the Universe at light speed. We naturally enter a very open energetic state. Have you ever noticed how spiritually lucid you are after an orgasm?

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As a method of attraction and healing, you can actually experience orgasms energetically with the soul of your Twin Flame before the Twin Flame Reunion happens in the physical world.

How to do a Twin Flame Masturtation (Masturbation + Meditation)

#1 Prepare Yourself, and Your Space


Set a sacred space (light candles, play music, etc) in your silky sheets or wherever you feel comfortable and sexy.

You might want to give yourself a gentle full body massage with coconut oil, rose essential oils, sandalwood, frankincense, or any other sacred oils.

#2 Be Open Minded

Never assume you know who your Twin Flame is unless they’re in 100% agreement to committing to you. Be open to the mystery in this meditation.

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#3 Masturtate


As you begin to touch yourself, start to feel your energy centers flowing and flooding with light.

Feel your heart petals unfolding, where the earth and sky merge within your body.

Bring in a golden thread of light from your cosmic energy to your Earth energy and feel yourself expanding into the cosmos, while remaining grounded to the Earth.

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#4 Call in Your Twin Flame

If you are female, contract your yoni and begin to call in your Twin Flame with pulsations and contractions.

Feel the sexiness of your body, mind, and soul. Validate yourself, “I am worthy of my Twin Flame.”

See or imagine their aura coming into the room to meet you.

As they enter your field of light, feel it, study it, savor it. Welcome him or her. Adore them, and receive the same. Let her or him see you. Drink each other up.

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#5 Let Your Imagination Run Wild

This is the fun part. Experience and play with as many fantasies as you wish. I highly recommend you don’t judge yourself for anything you see or desire.

You may have past lives that need clearing or to be remembered. You may have fantasies that seem strange or unhealthy. Avoid staying in dark fantasies, and ask your Higher Self for a clearing of all dark energies or anything that no longer serves you.

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#6 Address Any Past Wounds


Allow your Twin Flame to support you in healing past wounds, holding your hand or hugging you.

If you were heartbroken, abused, or raped in the past in any way, ask for the loving energy that you need to receive in order to heal. Your Twin Flame is your reflection, so they will want this healing for you if you want it for yourself.

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#7 Use Your Orgasmic Energy to Draw in Your Twin Flame

When hitting your peak orgasmic state, send out a wave of light and see it being wrapped around the earth.

Ask your Higher Self to find and activate your Twin Flame with this wave.

Allow the orgasm to filter into your whole body – don’t hold back no matter how scary it feels. Women, it’s possible you may have a female ejaculation.


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Twin Flames = One Love

Truly, there is only one Twin Flame Love.

In the Higher Dimensions, we are already, always were, and will always be married to our Twin Flame on the soul level.

We have simply forgotten it here on Earth, and as we awaken to who we truly are, our Twin Flame reunites with us naturally.

However, it is essential to remember that even, and especially, a Twin Flame Union takes work. It requires both partners to participate in an incredible amount of soul evolution, deep inner work, and relationship mastery.

When you’re in a Twin Flame Union, you are moving towards the ultimate master version of yourselves.

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Enjoy the healing, the play, and know that Twin Flame Love is the eternal medicine we are simply remembering. It’s awakening Divine Love and resurrecting a Heaven on Earth.

Namaste and blessings, Dr. Amanda Noelle | Edited by Serena Gee

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