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What Sex & Ayahuasca Can Do To Your Life [.. Unbelievable]


About Me

Who I Really Am is infinite, nameless and beyond all labels & words. I open the heart of people, to open the heart of the world. My mission is perpetual evolution and to assist in the Great Awakening that is now. Contact me if you are at all called to finding out more about Ayahuasca, how it could help you, and how you could now experience Ayahuasca in America.
Image: Dan Dos Santos

Two things have ever taken me to God: Ayahuasca, and sex.

A powerful orgasm can change your life.

It could be the most healing, liberating, and uplifting experience. It could also bring you to tears, shedding layers of shame, guilt, self-judgment, and sexual trauma.

Come with me, as I take you on a journey, into understanding the little known connection between Ayahuasca and Sacred Sexuality, and how I experienced liberation and fulfillment through two of the most powerful healing paths I’ve discovered.

A Heart-Shattering Experience

I got married… and divorced, within 6 short months. It was the most heart-shattering experience, leaving me tortured and traumatized from the inside out.

I’ve never known a deeper pain.

Everything I knew about love was shattered, and like a baby in a new world, I had to discover what love really is: It showed me the deepest layers of my unconsciousness.

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As a man brought up in this unconscious-masculine-driven society, I used to associate relationships with possession, and I lived with a deep unconscious expectation from my partner.

I thought, now that I was married, we must have sex every day.

Little by little this expectation led to a sense of control over her. She, of course, couldn’t handle it, and quickly realized that this relationship wasn’t for her. I don’t blame her. In fact, I now thank her infinitely for showing me to the path of my self discovery.

This heart-wrenching experience showed me I needed time alone. I needed solitude. I needed to go within. So, I bought an RV, drove up to Mt. Shasta, California, and lived there for 4 months. Alone.

This journey led me to the deepest healing. Amongst many things I too understood that one gateway to transformation was in learning how to control my sexuality.

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The Healing Effects Of Sexuality


I went on a journey to learn how to cultivate, control, grow, and focus my sexual energy. I committed to not ejaculating. Every day, I practiced, and every day I grew closer to this self-mastery.

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Eventually, I was able to reach peak states of consciousness.

I would ride a wave of the ecstatic pleasure of an orgasm without ejaculation. This lead me to a stillness beyond words that liberated me, healed me, and sent all the pain from my divorce back to the Source.

I would enter this state for what seemed like hours. Sometimes I would be left in tears, and almost always, I would receive messages, higher guidance, that helped liberate me from all the pain I was experiencing.

I was surprised to find that I felt more complete, fulfilled, and connected to who I really was.

Little did I know, my experience on the mountain ultimately prepared me for an even deeper healing journey.

I found myself called to Peru. I had heard about a medicine called Ayahuasca. So, I found myself flying with a one-way ticket to this magical land.

The Healing Effects Of Ayahuasca


They say..

“Once you drink, you see… And once you see, you can not unsee.”

The experience of Ayahuasca helped me to start heal the roots of my anger, judgment, lack of self-worth, and fear of failure. It helped me heal past relationships by becoming more mindful and conscious.

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Ayahuasca & Sacred Sexuality

I’ve lived my life studying beliefs, and I’ve never seen anything help re-define and re-create my beliefs as powerfully as the path of Sacred Sexuality, or plant medicine, like Ayahuasca.

The bottom line is, they helped to wake me up to who I really am. Not just as a mental concept, but so that I can not help but live from this place of joy, peace, and stillness every single day.

My Pain led me here, to the greatest healing path I’ve ever imagined, and your pain, too, can be your ticket to the deepest freedom, and love.

Let it inspire you forward, and you’ll be astonished at where it will lead you.

Note from the Editors: Although it is controversial we wanted to show you another side to Ayahuasca; the powerful spiritually transforming side that stands in contrast with the recent headlines around this topic. However, you must ultimately decide what feels right to you on your path to enlightenment. Some individuals may experience a negative reaction to the use of psychoactive drugs, particularly if they are taking any other medications, or have any pre-existing mental illnesses. It is advised that you speak with a medical professional, and undergo a thorough psychological screening prior to using any substances.

By Trinity de Guzman | Featured Artist: Dan Dos Santos

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