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This Mind-Blowing Map Reveals How Love, Sadness, Envy & Happiness Affect Your Body

OMG, this amazing new study reveals how particular emotions e.g. love, fear, happiness, anger, pride etc. affect our bodies. And the bodily sensations experienced during certain emotional states are universal, regardless of culture and language. ...Read More

The 11 Most Perfect Penises On The Planet

I am in awe of these sensual & handsome creations. Nature is sexy, powerful and full of messages and signs to remind us of our most magical & powerful gift: Our Sexuality. Check out these amazing Phallus's. ...Read More

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Yoni Massage – A Sacred Ritual & An Act Of Worship

Yoni Massage - It is an experience of healing, release, awakening, empowering, expansion and transcendence. And pleasure. Deep pleasure that is often a path to heightened states of consciousness that allows you to experience the unity of sexuality and spirituality. ...Read More

What This Guy Did For His Sick Wife Brought Tears To My Eyes (So much love in here)

Meet Bob & Linda Carey. After Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer, Bob began taking beautiful but totally ridiculous photographs of himself in a pink tutu. www.thetutuproject.com To me Bob is more of a man than any epic macho athletic manly man we seem to idolize today. His natural instinct and love ...Read More

The Inconvenient Truth Behind True Love (Warning: This will be personal)

Today I would like to share with you my view on love and all things that come with it. It’s been a while since my last post where I raised the question if monogamy might be a failed approach to a happy long-term relationship. A lot has happened since then and I ...Read More

The 5 Weirdest Sensations You Might Experience Before, During & After Orgasm

Yes, I know sometimes you will experience some weird sensations during sex; and this is 100% ok. We are all different and in a 2010 study women were able to describe their orgasms with 27 different adjectives. Have you ever wondered about the tiny tingly sensations you have during an orgasm? Or ...Read More

The 16 Hottest Sexual Fantasies Put Into Sculptures {I Bet You Will Leave All Horny After Seeing This}

These sculptures yell for attention; Attention for the most important and healing act in life: SEXUAL UNION. I have never thought of South Korea as a “sexy” part of the world, but after having seen these images I might have to reconsider. In 2004 world’s first “Love Land” made of 140 erotic ...Read More

Catherina The Greats’ DIRTY, DIRTY Furniture Collection (Srsl..That Lady Loved Porn)

“Catherine the Great is one of those fascinating figures whose political power was often overshadowed by scandal. She did not, as popularly rumored, die attempting to have sex with a horse, but her real life was way more interesting. She had twelve well-known affairs, illegitimate children (no one’s totally sure which ones), ...Read More

Painful Period? 6 Natural & Powerful Ways to Liberate Yourself from Period Pain

As a woman, it is likely that you have been afflicted by pain and other symptoms associated with menstruation at some point in time.  Sometimes, this pain is severe and interferes with daily functioning.  In severe cases we refer to painful menstruation as Dysmenorrhea.  The pain you may feel is due to ...Read More

The Story Of Mankind: A Story of Sex, Violence & Power? (Warning: Intense & Breathtaking)

Art By: Milo Manara – Story of Humanity What are your thoughts on these images? Do you agree? ...Read More

Try Not To Share This … Try hard!

Have you ever felt heart broken? Did you locked away your heart just so it would not get hurt anymore? Check out this amazing artwork to get an idea how to heal and mend a wounded heart. This is not just true for romantic relationships but actually any kind of relationship. The ...Read More

The 14 Most Beautiful Vaginas On The Planet

These are the most beautiful vaginas in the planet. Not many words needed. I love nature & its subtle messages. Please take a look at the following beautiful “vaginas” and let me know what you think. Which one is your #1. Let me know in the comments below. Mine is definitely the ...Read More
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