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8 Life-Changing Transformations You Will Experience From Practicing Pole Dancing

About Me

Holly started ballet, dance and acrobatics classes at age 4 and began teaching at her dance studio at age 12. She received a minor degree in dance from the University of Arizona and has been teaching since college. A self taught pole dancer since 2006, Holly was hooked from day one. Holly is a certified master pole dance and aerial yoga instructor and ambassador to the Pole Fitness Association (PFA). She founded Anima Flow in 2006 in the Aspen valley, Colorado which offers exclusive private and semi-private instruction in pole dance, aerial Yoga, aerial silk and lyra. She expanded Anima Flow into workshops and intensives that delve into not only into movement, but the voice of the soul. In 2014 she launched instructor certification programs.

Pole dancing opens your second chakra and allows energy to move freely throughout your whole body.

Stepping into a pole dance class is much like entering a secret meeting. The room is dimly lit, the music sensual. Women dressed in minimal clothing are moving around the pole, on the floor, on chairs, against the wall.

There is no audience, just free-willed participants: women moving like women surrounded by women. The vibe is supportive. Giggles and words of encouragement inspire intimate conversations and occasional tears. It is truly magical.

When I first began teaching pole in 2006, I was drawn to the mix of athleticism and sensuality. As a former gymnast and classically trained dancer, the freedom of expression appealed to me.

Here I could stick my butt out and sexually move my hips, something ballet taught me to never do.

I watched as women come in and left their crocs at the door. I saw them shed their layers of protective clothing, their mommy personas, their parents’ ideals, their careers, their husbands’ desires, and their own self-judgement. I saw transformation!

I quickly realized that there was something more powerful than dancing seductively in high heels; more powerful than just a fitness class, and intrigued, I delved deep into the psychology of what was happening behind those closed doors.

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8 Life-Changing Transformations You Will Experience From Practicing Pole Dancing

#1 Discover your Path to Self-knowing

Pole dancing is about removing all those layers of societal conditioning, negative self-chatter, body image issues, daily demands, and finding your innate connection to your femininity.

There is power in your natural movement.

#2 Reclaim your Feminine Power

Your curves, your emotional waves, your undulations, and your rawness is at the foundation of your feminine divine.


Society tells us to cover up, be ladies, and have some self respect. But denying our feminine power is the opposite of being a woman. Instead, it systematically destroys our most primal powers.

When we live a life that’s only a half-truth, we reach only half our potential.

Pole dance provides a safe place to rediscover who we are, allowing us to reach our full potential.

#3 Build your Confidence

With self-discovery comes self-confidence.

I saw students incorporate a new sense of self into their everyday lives, both energetically and physically. Their marriages, their jobs, and their children benefitted from the personal breakthroughs that occurred in a pole dance class.

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#4 Develop Strong Relationships

As your body and mind becomes stronger, so do your relationships with the empowered women supporting you on your journey.

In pole dance class, you develop friendships that carry over into your everyday life as your beliefs about your sexuality, femininity, and gender roles are reprogrammed.

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#5 Enhance your Freedom of Movement

Pole dancing encourages movement that is instinctually feminine.

Like liquid moving in waves, pole dancing opens your second chakra and allows energy to move freely throughout your whole body.

When your energy is flowing freely, it enhances your body’s self-healing powers and leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

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#6 Bring femininity into your Fitness Routine

Most of the popular forms of fitness, such as Crossfit, barre, TRX, and weightlifting, promote male, yang types of movement. Pole dancing offers all the physical benefits and more in a divinely feminine way!

#7 Align your Mind, Body, and Spirit

The popularity of pole dance comes from the strong mind-body connection. There is a freedom of expression found in its sensuality. This, combined with the challenge of the movement, motivates you to keep coming back.

#8 Fly on a Natural High

The physical and mental aspects of a pole dance class provide a natural high that carries into other parts of your life.

Women leave class carrying themselves more confidently, happier, and freer. It improves their physical, mental, and sexual health.

When you give yourself the gift of a pole dance class, it benefits those around you, too.

Give yourself permission to be the powerful goddess you were born to be!

By Holly Miely | Edited by Allison Ross | Featured Artist: Leen Isabel

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