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Conscious Relationships Archive

Are You In A Sacred Relationship?

As we enter into a new age we begin to understand that relationships are about creative partnerships. They are about soul bonding, experiencing the self and the self as other, and about co-creating. The following article has been written by Celia Fenn. It touched me on many levels as I have experienced ...Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Give A Fuck About Looks

We are living in a world that cares too much about things that don’t really matter. In this blog post I’ll share my thoughts on the importance of looks and the (insignificant) role it played for me in choosing a partner. Why do I feel the urge to do so? For the ...Read More

5 Fail-Safe Ways To F%#k Up Your Relationship

  TIP 1: Choose really badly from the beginning. There you are minding your business… life’s going ok… you’re just having a night out with friends… and then this chick/guy rocks up and wants to have sex with you. Well, what can you do? Woo hoo. Why not! Then after a few ...Read More

Fuck Yes or No

Question: Why would you ever choose to be with someone who is not excited to be with you? There’s a grey area in dating many people get hung up on – a grey area where feelings are ambiguous or one person has stronger feelings than the other. This grey area causes real, ...Read More

Booom! This Family Will Challenge Everything You’ve Been Taught About What’s ‘Normal’

“We just want people to know that we’re normal, and you can’t judge people on their ‘normal.’” A year ago a handsome guy named Kordale snapped an innocent picture of himself and his family during their morning ritual. (picture below) Within minutes after posting it on Instagram it went viral. Ever since that day has the ...Read More

The Universal Secret To A Thriving Relationship

Ever wonder why you feel less connected to your loved one, or why you feel less sexual desire for your partner? Perhaps it is because there is actually a thick and gnarly brick wall between you. Walls kill that delicious flow of aliveness – the sexual spark and the bonding feelings of ...Read More

An Open Letter To Men From Sexy Consciously Awake Women

“You will never get an amazing woman if you’re lame. Period.” Before you read this, I invite you to read the first post in this series. Don’t skip it. If you don’t read it, I trust you’ll be highly triggered and write me off, call me a bitch, and go along your ...Read More

The Myth Of The Big Black Penis

Recently I was watching one of the Bethenny of Skinny Girl Cocktails and Real Housewives of New York on Watch What Happens Live, and she asked host Andy Cohen: “Is it true that black men have bigger penises than white men?” While not surprised by the question, hearing it from a white ...Read More

A Woman’s Guide To Penis Worship

 “A man’s penis is truly the key to his heart. Loving it will create a deep emotional bond between the two of you.” There are women who see the penis as nothing more than an ugly, protruding dumb stick that men love and obsess over; robbing them of their capacity for reason ...Read More

Why Another Lover Isn’t Always The Solution To Your Problem Or Why The Grass Is Hardly Greener On The Other Side

The comic strip you are about to see gave me goose bumps. The story of this eye-opening comic happens everyday the same way all over the globe. If you have gone through the same, rest assured you are not alone. It’s a vicious circle until we are able to step up our ...Read More

These Are The 10 Most Mind Altering Sex- & Relationship Practices I Have Ever Seen

Warning: Some of these sex and relationship practices you might be better off not trying! I have often felt the heavy pressure of having to submit to social norms about the way I should look and act. There are so many restricting labels on what it is to be a woman or ...Read More

A Lesson In Self-Love (!!This Comic-Strip Might Make You Cry!!)

I did not know that a comic strip could make me cry. This comic teaches an invaluable beautiful lesson in self-love. It is about facing our fears and appreciating life as it is. It is about learning to not put our own fears upon others. It is about awareness. It is about ...Read More

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